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    PPD or Pay Per Download is an online advertising model where you will get paid for every YOUR file downloaded by other persons.

    The download is carried out by the everyday user who is viewing or has been sent to the file. Typically speaking the networks will only pay when the action of their choice has been fulfilled. The action itself can vastly vary, depending on what advertisers on specific networks are trying to gather. Usually it will be some sort of data, for example email or zip addresses, purchasing product using cell phone or credit card, completing survey, etc.
    Email or zip submits are most common actions within the model but not the only ones. These advertisements or forms are better known as ?offers? within the industry. It is up to you to get traffic to the file.
    Once an action is completed and file downloaded it is commonly known as a conversion and you will be paid your commission upon the offer converting and file downloading. You can pretty much find offers about anything.
    PPD marketers have many options on how to gain offers but most common and easiest is to apply for a PPD network. The network deals with advertising providers and therefore can provide multiple offers within a lot niches for you.
    The networks are free to join but they take a percentage of the payout from advertising providers based on conversions, typically it is around 20%. Networks commissions can vary.
    Once more advanced in PPD marketing you do have the option of cutting out the network and going direct to the advertising providers (known as CPA networks) to strike up a better deal.
    PPD is all about numbers and you are deemed successful on your profitability.
    If you have a positive return on investment (ROI), then you are profitable.


    Without being accepted by a PPD Network you will struggle to make money with PPD. This is simply because PPD network acts as a middle man for you, providing you with the offers and supporting you with a lot tools and advices on how to promote your files.
    If you don't have access to promote offers, then it's impossible to generate conversions and make money.
    There are literally hundreds of networks available to apply for and they all offer different incentives to earn with them. They all battle it out to achieve their main goal and it is you making money via their network.
    This is a good thing for you as they will always be competitive and offer multiple things to try and persuade you to work with them, ranging from higher paying offers to gifts and rewards if you hit a certain amount of conversions.
    Best PPD networks now are CleanFiles, FileIce and ShareCash.


    You will begin by uploading the files you intend to promote. These files can be ANYTHING. From music, pictures, videos to your own ebooks, programs, games. Almost all things you can find on Earth. You will always want to upload files that can get a lot leads. For this your files will need to be unique and target leads will find it appealing enough for to willingly complete all surveys they need before accessing the download.

    After you uploaded them, you need to promote those files. There are many methods to promote your files and here I will cover only basics of Youtube. It's up to you to choose what promotion method you will use but for beginners I recommend YouTube. You can also always combine few promotion methods.

    Everytime someone visits your unique download link, he will be prompted to do small survey to unlock the file. If they complete it, you will be credited with around $0.8 per lead.


    Getting accepted or applying to PPD network often gets branded as a momentous and daunting task, especially to newcomers in the industry. That's a load of rubbish and whatever you have been told isn't true!
    You have to look at it like this: ?The networks only earn money if I earn money, so why wouldn't they want me??.
    The key to applying to a network is knowing where you can stand. If you apply to an established network and get denied when you can't answer all their experienced questions, then you only have yourself to blame. You have to be patient and apply for networks that are welcoming newbies and as you learn more, go for better networks.

    There seems to be multiple myths around that hold people back from applying to networks and i am telling you now all the below are false and untrue.

    I can't get approved because i don't have a website.
    I can't get approved because my English is poor.
    I can't get approved because I'm new to PPD.
    I can't get approved because I don't know anything about PPD.

    The main reason networks take applications and process you before they accept you and allow you access to their network is down to fraudsters. Fraudulent traffic can destroy the biggest networks in hours. So its no wonder they put you through an application. They also want to make sure you know a little bit about the industry and how to promote files which is fair. I mean you wouldn't expect a 9-5 job to pay you wages without at least an interview.

    I'm not going to tell you how or what you should answer the common network questions with because that will be some sort of cheating networks and show that you aren't serious about PPD.

    All i will say is be confident. If you don?t hear from them within a couple of days, find someone from network on Skype and give him or her a call. Make sure you sound interested and ask plenty of questions as well as answering their questions to your best ability.

    The main point is to do some research about PPD industry and be 100% honest with the network.


    PPD Network ? A third party providing services to affiliates, including tracking technology, reporting tools and payment processing.
    Affiliate Agreement ? Terms that govern the relationship between network and affiliate.
    Commission ? The income an affiliate is paid for generating lead.
    Conversion ? When one of your visitors makes downloads a file.
    EPC ? Earning Per Click.
    Impression ? An advertising metric that indicates how many times your file is displayed.
    Niche ? Specific and targeted section of a particular market.
    ROI ? Return on Investment.
    SEO ? The process of choosing keywords and keyword phrases relevant to your site or page on your site, and placing those keywords within pages so that the site ranks well when those keywords are searched upon.
    Targeted Marketing ? Offering the right file to the right customer at the right time.
    Unique User ? A unique visitor to your file. Probably best indicator of traffic.


    Landing pages are single pages that appear in response to clicking an link.
    The main reason behind a landing page is to capture the lead of your user.

    This is done by pre selling your product (file). Most of the time not enough information will fit on your video description, FB status update, etc. Therefore the use of a landing page is to really promote and inform your user of the product before they are asked to take any action.

    The most important factor is to entice your user and make the product look appealing. Including images and simple but effective graphics helps the conversions. You must also include a very strong call to action normally in the form of a big clear button.
    You can also look into inserting opt in forms when using a landing page.

    Direct linking in it?s simplest of terms means directly linking your to your download link straight from the video, status update or whatever you use to promote files. When you direct link you bypass any landing page and
    send the user straight to the download page.

    When to use either

    In all honesty there is no right or wrong its merely up to testing out both solution and seeing what fits your files and promotion method best. I would always advice to test with both direct linking and landing page. More often than not landing pages are increasing conversions.
    Although adding a landing page can also mean just another unnecessary step a user has to take to get to the file.


    There are literally hundreds ways to find best niches for you and start earning, but we will cover only few good ones and not used a lot.
    You will learn how to find niches using Search Suggestions and Google Trends. I won't discuss YouTube Keyword Tool and Google Ad Words Keyword Tool as everyone knows about them.

    Search Suggestions

    If we are going to find niches using Search Suggestion first of all we need to go to Google.com.
    Now just type something in search box and check suggested results.

    For example we will write ?how to hack? and get few niches:

    Our niches should be: how to hack facebook password, how to hack wifi password, how to hack gmail, how to hack lol account and how to hack hotmail.

    If we go even deeper in search and type ?how to hack password? we will get few more niches.

    Our new niches can be: how to hack password on rar, how to hack password in excel, how to hack password email.

    Using this way we can find hundreds of niches in short time.


    How to pick good title
    Good Description
    Finding relevant tags
    YouTube FAQ

    Why YouTube

    More than 55% Market Share of Video Hosting Platforms.

    Almost 40 hours of video uploaded every minute.

    More than 2 billion views per day.

    2nd largest search engine.

    3rd most visited site.

    YouTube videos show up in Google; Google searches do not show up in YouTube.

    It is far easier to rank in YouTube than Google.

    It drives targeted traffic.

    It's free and can work forever!

    How to pick good title

    Title Tag or what do you call your video?
    It's most important part in ranking video on YouTube.
    Start with what you think people will type into Youtube. If you have a facebook password hack video, don't call it, "Facebook password hack" Call it something like, "How I hacked friend's FaceBook Password" or "How to hack Facebook password" I think you get the picture.
    If you're still stuck, use the YouTube Keyword Tool. See what kinds of phrases people are typing in for your niche. Get as close as possible to the exact phrasing.
    Keep in mind that if people are searching for videos about a well known brand, person, company, or author, they may use that name in their search. If you know of a famous person in your niche, doing a related video about him could draw attention back to your youtube channel. For example, Anonymous group will always get attention. Then, when people checks the rest of your videos, it is then your chance to introduce your own fake hacks.

    Good Description

    For me, description is more important than anything except title and there are a couple things to do in the description.
    In first line of it you should put URL of your site, so people can see it. It will be also one more backlink for your site.
    After that write few paragraphs of description using your chosen keywords. Youtube will shorten this box for viewers, so you're not getting in anyone's way by writing more.
    Don't be afraid to use well known site names, peoples or anything related to your niche and write at end of description something like: ?special thanks to Person Name? or ?special thanks to Site Name?. Your videos will then rank for that keyword too.

    Finding Relevant Tags

    Tags aren't important as Title and Description, but will help with ranking. I would suggest you to put 2-3 long tail keywords, not 8-9 spammy ones. In my opinion, and a lot other YouTube Marketers it's always better to use ?how to hack facebook password? and ?how to hack facebook account? than ?facebook hack?, ?facebook account hack?, ?facebook password hack?, ?free hack facebook? and a lot others that will look spammy in YouTube eyes.
    Use Google AdWords Keyword Tool to find relevant tags.​
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    I wouldn't include words such as "hack" or "cheat" in the title. Tags yes, title no.
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    Yup, people are getting smarter - words, such as hacks and cheats rises a red flag in their heads instantly.
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    Theatre of dreams :)
    those kind of niches get you banned on YT pretty quickly...
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    Good Tutorial. Quite Informative
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    nice information mate,I like it
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    Note for those who want to do this. i gather around 20$ on sharecash and got banned because in .txt file i posted the "Serial" . So care what you post in your files. Read the TOS carefully
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    Probably a good guide.The only problem that i couldn't read it.Why did you center everything in the middle?After the second line annoyed me so much that i just stopped.
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    Yeah, check refferal link on banner and you'll see it's leading to my nick on CF :D

    Yeah :)
    It was great for making money on CF last year :D
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    Complete tutorial with a lot of useful information. Thanks for sharing such an useful post.
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