[GUIDE PART III] How To Optimize Your On-Page SEO And Write Content That Convert?

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    Do you remember my last two guides? http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/black-hat-seo/379346-guide-how-find-micro-niche-emd.html and http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/black-hat-seo/413654-guide-part-ii-how-pick-your-keyword.html

    In those two guides I show you exactly how to to do a proper keyword research and how to pick up a profitable keyword and analyze the competition.

    7 Simple Tips To On-Page SEO

    I was going to write this guide from scratch BUT I found 2 amazing articles on the subject. I don't think I can do a better job but I will pick the important parts and write them on this topic. Later on I will give you the links to these articles.

    Let's start
    1. Link To Trusted Sites
    TrustRank is an important SEO metric just like PageRank. TrustRank is a measure of how trusted your site on the web. It is believed that TrustRank is calculated based on two primary factors:
    1. Who Links To You
    2. Who You Link Out To
    It is Important to keep this in your mind, linking out to authority sites will help your On-Page SEO

    2. Give Your Photos a Name
    using images with optimized ALT tags was remarkably well-correlated with search engine rankings. Not just image rankings, but actual page rankings, too.

    3. More Adsense = Lower Rankings
    Google is now taking Content:Ads ratio and Content:Ads above the fold ratio in to consideration. It is better to have your content than to have Ads above the fold. And it is better to have a good content:ads ratio. Having 300 words content with 1 ads block is better than having 300 words content with 3 ads blocks.

    4. Interlink Your Inner Pages
    Interlinking has two major advantages:
    1. Passing link juice to your pages.
    2. Helps your visitor to easily navigate your website. Easier Navigation means lower bounce rate and better user experience, which will return more Google love.

    5. SPEED
    Loading time is playing an important role in ranking.

    6. Write Unique, High-Quality Content
    I'm not going into details here, I'll just say one word "PANDA"

    7. Don?t Overoptimize
    This one is self-explanatory.

    These were just 7 simple points that I think are very important for your On-Page SEO. If you want to get into more details you can see the full http://www.emineer.com/29-on-page-seo-factors.

    Another important On-Page SEO tip, it's actually a mistake I'm sure you are doing. I know I was. It's having... you know what, go visit this BHW topic "http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/black-hat-seo/429088-why-you-suck-onpage-search-engine-optimization.html" by "Initial Effort".

    Write Content That Convert

    Before going into any details, in the previous section "How To Optimize Your On-Page SEO" I posted 4 URLs. How many you opened? I'm betting you have at least visited 2 URLs. This is a good example for writing a content that converts.

    You should know that there is 3 factors to achieve the maximum conversion:
    1. Traffic Quality
    2. Your Content
    3. Your Product

    Our main focus right now is the Content.
    Your content starts with your title and description. This is the first thing your potential visitor will see (over at Google results page).
    2 Factors determine converting a searcher to visitor:
    1. Your ranking position
    2. Title and Description that grab his/her attention

    "Announcing: Astonishing Guaranteed Free New Way to Rank Higher In Any Search Engine!"
    This an example for a title that will catch your attention and curiosity and will make you visit the site. Coming up with these kinds of title is so easy, here is a small list that will help you!
    You now got your visitor's attention. You want to keep him (or her) on your page long enough to read it and do what you want (opt in, buy a product, call you,...whatever)

    Opening Paragraph, this is the most important paragraph on your page. It must be about your visitor. Keeping your reader interested is the key. You don't want your visitor to get bored or lose his/her interest now. This can be reached easily using the "KISS" technique, Keep It Stupid Simple. Don't use long sentences. If you can use a full stop "." instead of a comma "," USE IT. people love short sentences and short paragraphs.

    don?t use big big words like ?obfuscate? when you can use "confuse?. Your marketing communication must communicate and not obfuscate.

    Tell a story. People will react better to a story. Yes, people love gossip, if you are telling a story they will want to finish it. That way you are keeping them longer on your page. REMEMBER, the longer they stay on your page the more they will trust you and the easier for you to convert them.

    Be bold, and tell your reader what to do. It shows your confidence and how much you believe in your product. (Provided you have made your case of course) This is no time to be ?shy? or subtle.

    Mention your product advantages. Your readers should know what makes your product different and why they should buy it?

    Keep the positive tone. there is a lot of misery in the world, you don't want your website to be another misery. I know many marketers will argue in this point, but I still prefer keeping my website Up-beat.

    Include Sub-headlines, bullet points, questions. Basically anything that will keep your visitors engaged and interested.

    One of the first books I read about writing content was "Hypnotic Writing - How to Seduce and Persuade Customers with Only Your Words By Dr. Joe Vitale"
    This is not meant to be a complete step by step guide, but rather an open minder that should let you reevaluate your writing techniques :)

    Who Else Believe [G-STRING] Can Benefit Their Website?
    The answer is in my next topic :D
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    Quick and to the point, I like it. Newbies, read this, then re-read it, then read it two more times. Store this information in your brain, you'll see the huge difference things like the aforementioned can make in your copy.
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    such a good guide..
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    thanks for this guide, worth to read it..
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    Fantastic guide, I am sure it will help a lot of the newbies out there!
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    I hope they do

    I'm glad you find it useful
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    Yhank you for your guide. i love it. can u recommend services that write content that converts for clickbank products? i can not do this becouse my english is poor. I think the landing page for product that i want to promote is poor.