Guide on Keyword research ?

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    Keyword research is the most important of IM. There is no point setting a website,optimizing,linkbuilding etc and ranking for a worthless word or trying to rank for an overly competitive keyword.

    Although, know bits n pieces, am requesting successful B'hers to share their keyword research methods..

    Eg would be

    -Go to adwords keyword tool. If exact phrase is xx? I select it
    -Then go to google search.. if search results are xx?, its easy to rank,
    -Check the advertisers in there.
    -Check the backlinks in yahoo explorer.

    Well,Something like that...

    Request people with successful keyword research to share their methods.

    Thank you
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    You go to the Google keyword tool, and find keyterms that get pretty decent amount of searches. Then you go to:

    and see what's the percentage of commercial intention. If the commercial intention is high, then that's a good keyword to start targeting.

    It's fairly easy to rank top 10 in Google for a keyword with less than 1 million competition (keyword without the quotes). It's still fairly easy to rank for keywords with higher than 1 million competition, but it just takes a bit longer.
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