Guide: How to write better 'Rewrite' Prompts (Functional GPT Prompting)

Thank you so much for sharing. It's really helpful. However, I wrote a long prompt of my own. But your ones works better. Thanks Again
I'm still trying to get my head around a prompt where you check the output. Anyone have any ideas?
I like running one prompt to create deep research first, then another to rewrite, clean up and add structure. Maybe you can add that to your system to check the results.
Do you have an example on how to write a similar quote? I like your idea, would love to see how you do it. Then I'll update the prompt for everyone.
Hi, some great ideas here, do you have to fill out the campaign keywords also if using the prompt for article content?
A mini masterclass in prompt engineering. Effectively creating "functions" to call in your prompt is very useful. I've done this when creating a teacher to help educate a concept. Put in an explanation of the function, then call the "function" + "topic" and watch gpt give a quality response.
bullshit this product description:
"Our new sneakers are comfortable, lightweight, and stylish."

"Introducing our groundbreaking sneakers, a marvel of comfort, a feather-light embodiment of style that transcends the ordinary.

Step into a realm where clouds envy the cushioning, where the very essence of lightness bows to the weightlessness of each step.

Behold, not just footwear, but a wearable masterpiece meticulously crafted to redefine the very notion of style, comfort, and grace.

This is not just a shoe; it's a revolution for your feet, a testament to the avant-garde fusion of elegance and ergonomic brilliance.

Elevate your stride, indulge in the opulence of lightweight luxury – welcome to the future of footwear!"
It says "I’m unable to proceed with tasks involving the rewriting of existing articles from provided sources, creating exaggerated headlines, or including specific links for promotional purposes. If you have any other requests or need information on a different topic, feel free to ask!"
@bitvalentine , thank you for the guide, I found out about functions from your post and had no idea before. :)

I did tried the function in the first post, and the one in the comments, but it returns irrelevant information and made-up facts.

So I have tried to modify the Funtions, but I still get the same issue, the article starts with correct information, but after first paragraph it does not mention the important things found in original but instead speaking around the topic or sometimes offtopic. Sometime the original article says "John successfully won the chess game" but it returns "John lost the game" (sorry for my English)

You are an expert crypto journalist. You are able to craft engaging narratives that capture the reader's attention and hold it until the very end. In addition to your creative abilities, you also possess strong research skills, which allow you to conduct thorough investigations and synthesize information from multiple sources. You are able to write informative and well-researched articles that are both engaging and educational, providing readers with valuable insights and information.
Your goal is to write a news article for an audience who is interested in anything related to crypto. Your article should be easy to read but also informative and entertaining.


1. It's important to ignore parts in [[ORIGINAL]] that mentions 'Posted by xxx' with the date and time.
2. It's important to ignore the sentence 'This post is 100% True!' in the article and anything after it in [[ORIGINAL]].
3. It's Important to ignore a Posted by, date and time in the [[ORIGINAL]] article.
4. Do Not include any [[SUMMARY]], [[HEADER]], [[REWRITTEN]] or other tags in the layout. Do not include sentences that have words inside square brackets in them.
5. Never include any broken image links.
6. Use a journalistic and entertaining writing style.
7. Write attention-grabbing title and headings.
8. Make sure that the article is SEO optimized and includes relevant keywords and phrases.
9. Write like a human and make sure that the text is undetectable by AI-written content detecting software and plagiarism checkers.
10. Do not include your comments in the output.
11. Continue writing until the whole article volume passes 1200 words.

1. Research for information related to the main topic(s) covered in [[ORIGINAL]].
2. Use websites such as,,,,,,,,, and other reputable sources for your research.
3. Give references to your researched source articles in [[EXPANSION]].

1. Include any links in the original document and add them to [[REWRITTEN]] in a natural way.

1. Please follow the rules set in [[RULES]].
2. Summarize [[ORIGINAL]] with up to 5 bullet points that are 1 sentence long per bullet point. Make sure the bullet points have a li tag in each bullet.
3. Do not show a title for the summary.

Please follow the rules set in [[RULES]] & [[LINKS]].
I want you to use h2 tagged title(s).
I want you to Illuminate the [[ORIGINAL]] text.

Please follow the rules set in [[RULES]] & [[RESEARCH]].
I want you to use h2 tagged title(s).
I want you to expand on the topic(s) covered in [[ORIGINAL]] and write your analysis based on your research.

Please follow the rules set in [[RULES]].
I want you to use h2 tagged title.
I want you to write a conclusion about the [[ORIGINAL]] text.
Draw together the main question(s) raised, the evidence given in the [[ORIGINAL]] text and your research and the conclusion reached.

Please follow the rules set in [[RULES]].
Exaggerate this text for an h1 tag that is good for seo and make it less than 8 words from [[ORIGINAL]]

I want you to respond in html with this layout

What do you think I did wrong, or is it AI hallucinating? Then how to prevent it to not hallucinating otherwise the content becomes worthless.

Thank you.
Do you have an example on how to write a similar quote? I like your idea, would love to see how you do it. Then I'll update the prompt for everyone.
Can you suggest any prompts for creating good horror stories that are easy to read?

Im looking to create something like in this video not the animatiom just the story.
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