{Guide} How to Immune yourself from any future Big G's updates

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    Hello BHW!

    I have been using this method myself and thought to share it with you all. Its not a revolutionary idea but if you know how to do it then you can literally immune your site from any kind of panda, penguin, zebra or dinosaur update

    Step 1: Make a list of high PR authority Sites

    1) Yahoo answers
    2) PRweb
    3) squidoo.com
    4) Hubpages
    5) Forum Blog sections
    6) Pinterest
    7) Facebook
    9) Answers.com
    10) and many more....Search for them

    Step 2:

    The basic idea here is to post relevant genuine and original content on such high authority sites and rank them on google. We all know that these sites will never get beaten by any updates no matter what. Even if some properties get beaten you have other's hanging around you.

    After you post content on them start your SEO campaigns over them. Go mad with spam and blast the site pages. According to my test these pages will get ranked even with shitty links. If you are paranoid then build high quality links to them.

    Step 3:

    Make sure you have all your affiliate link/money site link within the article properly visible as you will redirect the traffic to your main blog or get direct sales. The long term advantage here is that these pages will gain PR and authority and will further cause the rankings of your sites to rise so its a Win Win situation.

    Here you are just leveraging other sites authority to redirect the traffic. If in the next penguin update one sites page goes down then you might just loose a part of your traffic but you will still have your other sources which will bring in sales/traffic.

    And not to forget, your money site is already gaining ranking slowly for your main keywords, but don't worry about that as that's not our current aim. Its a long term strategy after all. :)

    PS: I am currently getting traffic from around 25+ sources for multiple keywords which are all ranked so search for the sources which can get easily ranked. Currently monetizing them with affiliate links. I am avoiding adsense here as the traffic is considered direct.
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    Very true if you legitly rank your sites. Powerfully and quality. Than the updates will have no effect. Building a strong social media group will also give you some back up
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    Thanks OP... Looks like a great guide to go by...