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    I found out about this method awhile back and thought I would make a little guide to share with you, I haven't tried it in awhile so I cannot promise it still works but you can try and leave a comment if it still does.

    (Replace the xx, xxx with tt, www)

    1. Make an email or use mailinator.
    2. Now sign up at hxxps://xxx.entropay.com/ just use hxxp://fakenamegenerator.com/ for the information(remember the info though).
    3. After you have activated your account at entropay you will come to a box that says "add amount" just put in 20.00 and click continue.
    4. Now you need to go to this site hxxp://xxx.gybo.com/wisconsin/ and press the get free website button, register with the email you created in the beginning and the information you got from fakenamegenerator.
    5. Find a domain you want, press register and add all the information from fakenamegenerator again.
    6. Where it asks for credit card information you just add the information from entropay.
    7. Now you are done! It can take up to 14 hours for the domain to be registered.
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