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[Guide] FaceBook Marketing

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by q3ick, Sep 11, 2009.

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    Oct 27, 2008
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    What's Needed?

    FaceBook Account(s) With 1k+ Friends
    Need FaceBook Account's? I recommend Blackhatworld Forum Member, [email protected]@~ or [email protected]

    Now Grab Something to Promote.
    - Website "http://www.yoursite.com"
    - CPA Offer

    Time...about 30 minutes...

    Log into your facebook account Click the "Profile" Tab
    then Click the "info" Tab

    Scroll down to the "Groups" section Click "See All"


    Now Click "Create Group"


    Fill in the Group Info


    Now Customize, Add a photo...add your website/CPA Link


    Now Invite Friends.......DO NOT SEND INVITES YET! READ BELOW


    Now here's where, your imagination Comes in...


    You need to add a Message, that will cause "Friend's" to actually JOIN your GROUP and CLICK your LINK.
    Since this text is strictly situational, I can't really provide you with a distinct method/Catch phrase.
    But I will Give you a few example's/tip's

    Use Words that will CATCH!
    Make a habit of doing these two things: Use persuasive words that "hook" their interest, and include a well-defined call to action in every piece. When writing marketing pieces, what can you do to make them more effective? Apply these basics:
    ? Know who you are writing for and keep their preferences in mind as you write each word.
    ? Put your message in terms of "you" rather than "I" or "we." People don't care about what "we" offer; they care about how your product or service can make their lives better. There are some cases when "I" is alright, for instance when your promoting a weight loss product, "I lost 30 pounds".
    ? Make it clear what your readers should do, think, or believe as a result of reading the information you present.

    Need any Idea's for Enticing Word's? hit up http://thesaurus.reference.com/

    Often Times CPA offers come with "info" / landing pages make sure you check out the CPA offer your using landing page. It will often have a catchy phrase, and will contain important information on the product that you are promoting. Use it to your advantage. I.E. selling your product.
    Write your "Personal Message" and SEND those invites!


    Status Updates

    Status Updates are important.
    1. Make sure you update your profiles status often, with realistic updates, I.E. how your feeling, what you're doing.
    2. 1-3 times per day post an affiliate link/Website Link With a message to promote.
    For instance, if I owned a "News Blog" i would update my status with "Breaking News Michael Jackson DEAD <Websitelink>"
    Do this by CLICKING "Profile"


    Now CLICK/ Fill in the Status Update.



    Enjoy, this guide was made 100% by me Graphic's ect.​
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