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Guide: Creating mobile banner ads

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Affmy, Aug 8, 2017.

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    Creating mobile banner ads

    Every affiliate marketer has his own secrets how to make a catching banner. Still, there are some common trends in the market, which you should definitely be aware of. Not to follow them step by step, but to find something useful for your own ad creatives.

    So, the research revealed the following trends:

    1. Text part. The body section includes a catching question, which aims to engage the site visitors. The CTA(call to action) part includes such phrases as “Download” or a bit less popular “Click Here”. Usually, affiliates use from 3 to 5 words. The dominating color is black.

    2. The most popular colors. There are four of them, which are in trend now. They're black, white, red and blue. Commonly affiliates use contrasting colors for banners. If we talk about background, white and black dominate here.

    3. Images. The research shows that icon is the most popular type of images. There is only one of a kind in the banner and the dominating shape is 50x50 pixels.

    4. Engaging buttons. Affiliates usually use 1 button painted with red, green or orange color. Its size is 100x30 pixels. The button has rounded edges and it is almost always situated on the right. In case there are two buttons, they're placed on both sides from the center.

    5. Animation. The animation here is very simple. There are 2 frames that change each other making the banner blink. The time between the frames is 0.3 seconds. The whole animation edges the banner, which is static itself.

    6. Other details. There is always no visible border in the banner. The tone used is OS or Android styled alert.