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    So I'm in the progress of making a high PR list that I can guest post to.
    I know I can search for the footprint on google and get hits but I might as well share a bit of love here.

    What I can offer:
    Handwritten articles done by me or by colleagues with the same understanding of English as myself.
    On topic insightful articles that actually adds value to the reader.

    What I need from you (pm me):
    Link to site(s) that I can guest post to.
    PR of site(s)
    What niche you are interested in content for.
    Contact email.

    Disclaimer - this is a completely private list. I will not sell this list to anyone and you won't see a BST thread popping up with "high pr articles" from me.
    I will not abuse your email and try to upsell you shit that you do not need. I (or one of my colleagues) will only use that email to contact you about a potential guest post. We will not sell your email as list either.
    I think that covers it all.

    Any questions? Post 'em below.

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