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    Ok this is going to be a quick post about a little technique that I am working on.

    I got this idea from all the talk on guest blogging and thought this could work for offline as well.

    We all know about college and that they have newspapers for the campus. The writers there are always looking for new content.

    What your job is to go to colleges in your area and get in contact with their newspaper department and see if you can be a guest writer.

    Your going to be picking a topic that can designed around a cpa offer like jobs, health, etc...

    Make the content your writing good or else it may not get published. At the end of the Article just put a link back to YOUR site with the offer on it. You can use a blogger blog for it or host it on your own. I would at least get your own domain to forward to. I would not direct link this either just to be safe.

    Put the same article on your site along with 1-2 more. Add some banners on on the site related to your topic and watch the traffic come in as students read your article.

    I am seeing ok results with this as I am tweaking my method. The real obstacle is finding your wining paper to write for. You can start with the local colleges in your area even the tech schools as I go to Heald where I am using this.
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