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Guest posting

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by rkwebs, Apr 23, 2016.

  1. rkwebs

    rkwebs Power Member

    Sep 23, 2010
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    is there guest posting services on BHW. i tried with search but didnt find anything. we have home improvement website looking for guest posting on well established website

    Kindly Share if You have somone

  2. Conor

    Conor Elite Member

    Nov 7, 2012
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    South Africa
    Looks like you didn't search very well.

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  3. blackbeans

    blackbeans Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Nov 29, 2008
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    Your Secret Weapon
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    There used to be a free guest posting service that matches you with blogs that require guest posters looking for blogs to host their posts.

    As you can probably tell, such platforms are targets of Google penalties.

    I would resist the temptation of looking up existing guest post-matching platforms.

    Instead, I would hire a virtual assistant to find blogs that are still actively taking guest posts.

    Believe it or not, regardless of your niche, there will always be high-quality blogs looking for free content in exchange for back links.
  4. goodperson

    goodperson Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Jan 3, 2015
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    You should create an account. I think it doen't take many time.
  5. peaceandlove

    peaceandlove Regular Member

    Dec 25, 2010
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    Try it in Maketplace. You will see lot of guest posts thread there. We do provide guest post service on quality blogs. If you are interested, PM me or add me on Skype : jayson_seo
  6. starki

    starki Power Member

    Jul 17, 2012
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    Nothing wrong with the marketplace, but have a close look at the sites offered, Rkwebs. Never buy a guest post before knowing the actual site, no matter how nice the metrics may be. Some people are offering guest posts on sites that are more some sort of high-end PBN...and that's not my understanding of real guest posts on established sites with actual visitors.
  7. tony andrew

    tony andrew Senior Member

    Mar 19, 2012
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    Web Media Strategist, Entrepreneur
    Near to success
    Mate, visit SEO-Link building section. There you can find many guest post services and you can pick which service suits your requirements. BTW, I'm one of the guest post service provider here over 2 years. Kindly let me know if you need further assistance.

    My Skype : tonyandrew05
  8. The Curator

    The Curator Senior Member

    Dec 27, 2013
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    Here's some resources for accomplishing that on your own, starting off with the best guides for going about this;


    Here is 34 outreach scripts

    I am a big fan of Ninja Outreach for this:


    Find Local Blog Opportunities

    Get a sense of existing local blogs in your niche or industry. You can see what kind of posts are popular or topics they are covering.
    Look for location specific blogs:

    • "city name" + "industry" + "blog"
    • "zip code" + "industry" + "blog"
    • "county" + "industry " + "blog"
    • [locale topic blog]
    • [locale bloggers]
    • [locale blog]
    • [intitle:blog locale]
    • [inurl:blog locale]
    • [intitle:post locale]
    Look for blogs based on topic:

    • Topic + inurl:blog
    • Topic inurl:guest post
    • Topic + intitle:?contribute? or "write for us"
    • "Topic" roundup

    From <http://www.whitespark.ca/blog/post/77-how-to-find-opportunities-for-local-link-building>

    Guest Post: If the link is a guest post link I will look to see if I can quickly find out how to get in touch with the website owner to pitch them. I look for a ?write for us? or contact page. If there is neither, I will do a who.is search. If I can?t find anything I remove the opportunity form my list. Never waste too much time, because there are plenty of other opportunities to look for.

    From <https://ahrefs.com/blog/how-to-get-backlinks/>

    Our Sheets contain 5 simple categories:

    1. Status ? where we are in the process (contacted, draft submit, live, etc).
    2. Type ? for the purpose of this post, it?s ?guest post?. However, we use this method to track link building efforts across all types.
    3. Site URL ? the website we?re targeting for guest posting.
    4. Guidelines URL ? the ?write for us? page, the place we can go to easily find word count, suggested topics, etc.
    5. Contact ? the EMAIL address of the person we need to reach. Always try and find an email address, response rate is much better than contact forms. We use http://findanyemail.net.

    From <https://ahrefs.com/blog/local-seo/>

    • keyword ?write for us?
    • keyword ?guest post?
    • keyword ?become an author?

    From <https://ahrefs.com/blog/local-seo/>

    Total Cost:

    • Most VAs range between $4 ? $8 per hour.
    • They can find about 10 opportunities an hour.
    • For 100 opportunities, you?re looking at $40 ? $80.
    • Most content writers charge between $40 and $80 for 1,000 words
    • You?re looking at up front investment $40 ? $80, plus an additional $40 ? $80 per link.

    From <https://ahrefs.com/blog/local-seo/>

    Find websites which provide guest post opportunities
    Keyword/yourCompetitorName + ?guest blog?
    Keyword/yourCompetitorName + ?guest blogger?
    Keyword/yourCompetitorName + ?guest Column?
    Keyword/yourCompetitorName + ?guest article?
    Keyword/yourCompetitorName + guest post
    Keyword/yourCompetitorName + guest author
    Keyword/yourCompetitorName + ?write for us?
    Keyword/yourCompetitorName + ?write for me?
    Keyword/yourCompetitorName + ?become a contributor?
    Keyword/yourCompetitorName + ?contribute to this site?
    Keyword/yourCompetitorName + inurl:category/guest
    Keyword/yourCompetitorName + inurl:contributors
    Keyword/yourCompetitorName + ?guest blog? + inanchor:contact
    Keyword/yourCompetitorName + ?guest blogger? + inanchor:contact
    Keyword/yourCompetitorName + ?guest Column? + inanchor:contact
    Keyword/yourCompetitorName + ?guest article? + inanchor:contact
    Keyword/yourCompetitorName + ?write for us? + inanchor:contact
    Keyword/yourCompetitorName + ?write for me? + inanchor:contact
    Keyword/yourCompetitorName + ?become a contributor? + inanchor:contact
    Keyword/yourCompetitorName + ?contribute to this site? + inanchor:contact

    From <https://www.optimizesmart.com/10000-search-engine-queries-for-your-link-building-campaign/>

    1) Guest Posting: you write and pitch content to publishers. This content includes links to your website.

    • Resources Required: you will need writers, sources for great (or at least publishable) ideas and LOTS of prospects.
    • Productive Research Phrases: Experiment with using your big head to mid tail SEO keywords as well as ?category? keywords that broadly define your market. For example, use ?heart health? instead of ?Philips HeartStart Home Defibrillator.? Do try both though ? you?ll never know what might turn up!
    • Notes: this method typically requires large numbers of guest posts to be effective. Set aside the majority of your prospects for content you spend less time on ? especially if these sites don?t seem to have large readerships. For larger, better-known sites expect to spend more time on content and look for more referral traffic and brand impact.

    From <http://citationlabs.com/choose-your-link-building-tactic-link-prospecting-mastery/>

    Guest posting
    You want to send out this email as yourself.
    Subject: you should blog about [insert your guest blog post topic]
    [insert their first name], as an avid reader of [insert their site name], I would love to read about [insert guest blog post topic], and I think your other readers would as well.
    Your content on [insert existing post from their website #1, insert existing post from their website #2, and insert existing post from their website #3] is great, but I think you can tie it all together by blogging on [insert guest blog post topic].
    I know you are probably busy and won?t blog on it, so I?m going to make you an offer you can?t refuse.
    How about I write it for you? Don?t worry, I?m a great blogger and have had my posts featured on [insert previous guest post URL #1] and [insert previous guest post URL #2].
    Let me know if you are interested. I already know your blogging style, plus I understand what your readers love? as I am one.
    Look forward to hearing from you,
    [insert your name]

    From <https://www.quicksprout.com/2012/12/07/the-link-builders-guide-to-email-outreach/>

    Guest Posts
    For guest posting, you want to have a more personal approach in your email. However, you don?t want to be overly personal and invade their bubble. I like to do some light digging and find something I can personally connect with them on (if you can't find something in 5 minutes, move on). I find this works better than trying to explain why the article would be a great fit for their site. Also, I found that adding a small incentive boosts the response rate.
    Hey Taylor,
    I recently came across BanjosOnTheGreen.com and saw that you play a Deering Banjo. I broke the neck on my banjo a few days ago so I?ve been looking for a new one. I?ve never played a Deering before though: what?s your take on them?
    Also, I?ve been writing up music articles and would love the chance to write on your blog. I?d be happy to send over a new set of banjo strings as a thanks!

    From <https://moz.com/blog/outreach-letters-for-link-building-real-examples-14902>

    Here are some search strings to use in Twitter search:
    ?your niche? + guest post
    ?your niche? + guest author
    ?your niche? + write for us
    ?your niche? + guest article

    From <http://backlinko.com/17-untapped-backlink-sources>

    Try & get influential authors to write a guest post or two for your blog. Not only will they share it with their audiences, but the thing is, people love linking to stuff they've written in the past, so having it hosted on your blog is a way to get those links.

    From <http://pointblankseo.com/link-building-strategies#strat152>

    Don?t forget about Google+! There are some golden opportunities waiting to be snatched
    Use these search functions:
    KEYWORD + guest post
    KEYWORD + guest author
    KEYWORD + guest blogger
    KEYWORD + contributor

    From <GotchSEOTrainingAcademy

    Here are a few advanced queries to find these higher-quality guest post targets (just type them into Google):

    • [Keyword] "guest post by"
    • [Keyword] "guest post written by"
    • [Keyword] "guest author today"
    • [Keyword] "my guest posts"
    • [Keyword] "places I've guest posted"
    • [Keyword] "this is a guest post by"
    • [Keyword] "guest article"
    • [Keyword] "the following guest post"

    From <http://www.authorityhacker.com/guest-posting-tips/>

    Another way to do this is to search for large media sites actively looking for contributors. For example, Entrepreneur.com has an ongoing application process for new contributors. You just have to fill out an application and pitch some ideas.
    You can find these sites with advanced queries like:

    • [Keyword] "become a contributor"
    • [Keyword] "apply to be a contributor"
    • [Keyword] inurl:contribute
    • [Keyword] inurl:contributor
    • [Keyword] inurl:contributor-application

    From <http://www.authorityhacker.com/guest-posting-tips/>

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  9. Shield One

    Shield One Regular Member

    May 20, 2015
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    Check it on marketplace section,else let me know if you still looking for guest posts in home nichei will help you.
  10. Ambitious12

    Ambitious12 Elite Member

    Jun 26, 2014
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    It means you have searched well on Marketplace,see just go there and you will see several services which have very good reviews.
  11. kanchanhacker

    kanchanhacker BANNED BANNED

    Oct 1, 2014
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    you can try http://www.mogaraafulalaa.com/guest-post-on-mogaraa-fulalaa