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    Hello All,

    I got a couple of +2 years site loosing traffic.

    I have two question :

    1/ If i start a guest post campaign, what would u think of 1 guest post published a week over 1.5 months. What kind of anchor would u use on quality blogs ? exact match / lsi / branded one ?

    2/ How many article yould you recommend to post a month (the niche is medium comp).

    Thx for your answer.
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    If I were you, I would focus primarily on brand back links and then some junk back links as well.

    I would stay away from using my target anchor text.

    At least, pursue this strategy in the beginning.

    Once you have established a relationship with certain blogs, your second link for another guest post could involve your target anchor list.

    But you shouldn't overdo it.

    The key here is to establish some sort of context.