GSPAY is Making Changes

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    May 3, 2010
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    I saw this message today from GSpay.

    Dear Merchant,

    Kindly be informed that starting from October 28, 2010 GSPAY forbids selling the following types of goods :

    - Any type of software;
    - DVDs;
    - Any items by GUCCI brand;
    - Any items by CHANEL brand;
    - Any items by BALENCIAGA brand;
    - Any items by BOTTEGA VENETA brand;
    - Any items by YVE SAINT LAURENT brand;
    - Any items by LOUIS VUITTON brand;
    - Any cosmetics; and
    - Any mobile phones

    Make sure you have removed the mentioned above merchandise from all sites on a priority basis!

    The system and your transactions are being closely monitored by our executives. In case of the request defiance we will be forced blocking the website considered as a rules breaker.

    All issues of cheating will lead to account disactivation!

    Important: Once we have an opportunity offering you back this type of processing services we will inform you additionally!

    Your sincere understanding and cooperation is highly appreicated!

    GSPAY Team

    I wonder what happened? Any ideas anyone?