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    Hi Guys,

    This is Peter from YeahCPA. I am so glad to be here to let you guys know about, a new growing CPA network.I know there are over 200 CPA networks with about 10 biggest ones then Why you should choose us?

    First: we are going to pay all our affiliate bi-monthly. Now only CXdigital is doing this. For example, all the commission you earn between June 1- June 15 will be paid on July 1.

    Second: we pay higher than others. Check our offers from, you will find we have many high paying awesome offers, like: Keller Advantage, for the very first page, we pay $30. For email marketers, we pay $37 for the very first page.

    Third: YeahCPA is very creative and professional on working/supporting the affiliates. We are now recruiting more than 10 affiliate managers. That means every affiliate will get the help he wants and he will also get the feedback very quick. All the affiliate managers are chosen from our existing affiliates. The affiliates who earn over $5k each month are qualified as potential affiliate manager. If he can bring in 5 other affiliates as well, we may approve him as the affiliate manager.

    Why are we hiring too many affiliate managers?

    First: We believe affiliates are everything for us.We want to give as much as help and support to our affiliates as they need.

    Second: Since we have many awesome private offers and we only introduce those offers to the affiliates who we think will do great on certain offers and have been doing good. For this selection we need a direct relationship between affiliate manager and the affiliate. We believe if an AM has lesser affiliates he will be able to get in good relationship with those affiliates and also he will be able to help them and support them in making more money.

    Hey we have great promotions for you guys:

    1. From June 1, for all the affiliates, as long as you are approved with YeahCPA, you will get 100 bucks and you will get it when you hit your first $500. This offer is only for the first 300 affiliates who will be approved from June 1.

    2. From June 1, for all affiliates who get over 10k per month will get An iPad with your check. We know there are some networks who are doing similar promotions, they only give iPad to top 3 or top 10 affiliates. Whereas we are giving iPad to all the affiliates as long as you can hit 10K each month!

    Just a word of caution, we are very selective on our affiliates. If your application does not have references, you may get denied immediately. If you do want to get approved, give us the reference or talk with the affiliate managers. We accept almost all kinds of traffic. There is only one rule: Make the advertisers happy. As long as the advertisers are happy with you, we will be happy too :)

    Talk to our affiliate managers, they will answer all the questions you may have.

    You can talk to our affiliate managers via AIM:

    Aaron Morgan: aaronyeahcpa
    Thomas Woods: thomasyeahcpa
    Peter Zou: peteryeahcpa

    Let's rock in 2010!


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    Just curious, what type of references are you looking for from an affiliate?
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    lol what a joke