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    I've got a bit of time whilst my Wordpress decides to play nice again.
    I've learnt a lot from this Forum, I'm going to post a couple of ways that I've grown my Social Media channels to start my gaming journey.

    The websites we will be using:

    Reddit [ side-note - It's best to be VERY active on Reddit, I've heard you need to post at least 80% other content/comments not to be ghosted ]
    Facebook Group
    Instagram [ I use this in conjunction with Instasave on Android to save images easy ]
    Google Drive
    Wordpress [ I'm not teaching how to setup these blogs ]

    You need to decide your niche before you start this, with a couple of IFTTT accounts this can be scaled up, there is no monetisation involved here just growing your Social channels. It's best if you have already started growing them first.

    My Daily Method

    First off I start with Twiter.

    I borrowed a method from Herbert Sherbert to grow Twitter.

    Install Google Chrome if you haven't already got it.

    1. Find a niche relevant account, click their followers. Right click anywhere and click 'Inspect'. Click console.
    Paste the following code in and hit enter.

    setInterval(function() { window.scrollTo(0, document.body.scrollHeight); }, 2000);
    This scrolls down their followers every two seconds. Go and brush your teeth, make breakfast or whatever you want to do.

    2. When you come back to your computer around 5 minutes later, paste the following code into the console and press enter again.

    __cnt__=0; jQuery('.Grid-cell .not-following .follow-text').each(function (i, ele) { ele = jQuery(ele); if (ele.css('display')!='block') {console.log('already following:', i); return;} setTimeout(function () {;}, __cnt__++*500); });
    This code will follow all of the accounts within their followers that you don't currently follow. The code will automatically stop and produce errors once you hit your daily follow limit.

    I choose a different niche relative account every 24 hours.

    Now lets start with Facebook.

    Currently I have a Facebook account that has over 1,000 friends by scraping Reddit manually and posting photos to niche relative groups with 2,500 members or more. My account HAS NOT been phone verified, so I see no reason why this should stop you. I interact with my 'friends' and look like a real account. I am dedicated to growing the account and this is the best way. I have created a niche following manually.

    Scrape Reddit, Instagram where ever you feel best to get your pictures and videos. I do all of this manually, I like to have quality content that I know my followers will enjoy.

    This can be done manually with a simple IFTTT recipe though.

    [B]IF Reddit [New top post in subreddit / gaming ] THEN Facebook Pages/Profile [Upload a photo from URL][/B]
    Once you have shared the page to one of your Facebook page/profile or both I then manually share each Status/Photo/Video into the relevant group.
    So if it's Rocket League, I will already have search 5 or 6 massive Facebook groups ready to post.

    If somebody comments on the post, ONLY THEN, do I add them and like their comment. Facebook counts this as an interaction between the users allowing not to be ghosted/banned.

    I add around 300/400 accounts per day with this method. My Facebook profile is steadily building and I invite them to like my Facebook page, talking to them and asking them to invite their friends, which they do. I also ask if I can use their videos as my content, and they allow that also.


    Now sign up to Hootsuite, you can hook up your Twitter, Google+ and Facebook, mass download [Auto or Manual ] niche images and auto schedule as many as you can possibly do. I post 6 times a day on the free plan and have queued 55 days worth. Add more everyday and it becomes a 5 minute job.

    If you don't like Hootsuite then you can automate this with IFTTT with a simple quick recipe.

    IF Reddit [new top/hot post] THEN Facebook/Twitter [Post Photo Status]
    If you are doing this method with Twitter be sure to add popular hashtags and use Retweet bots.

    As an added bonus you can create your own niche relative RT bot like this:

    IF Twitter [New Tweet by #nichehash] THEN Twitter [Post a Tweet with their original message]

    Now let's move onto Instagram.

    There is no special method for Instagram, all I do is copy the share URL of popular niche profiles, search Google for the best Niche relative hashtags, download around 300 images with Instasave for Android and rinse and repeat everyday.

    You could hook it up to your Twitter and Facebook if you wish but I see no value as most of the time I use the same pictures for all my social profiles.

    IF Instagram [New photo] THEN Twitter [Post photo status/url]

    I've never really gotten into Tumblr, so really I just spam it and hope for the best with the recipe below.
    I may be banned, I'm not sure never really been bothered to check back at it.

    Obviously follow about 50 niche relevant Tumblr blogs everyday.

    IF Reddit/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram [New post] THEN Tumblr [New link post]

    If you want to automatically curate content to any of the blogs just use the simple recipe below. Replace Blog with chosen blog site.

    There may be an auto schedule feature on all these blog type sites but I do everything Manual so I'm not confident on that. Do your research.

    IF Reddit [New Hot Post] THEN Blog [Create post or Photo post]
    YouTube Video curation

    This method involves you Liking a video with your own YouTube profile, basically marking it for upload.

    IF Youtube [Liked video] THEN Blog [Create new Video post]
    Then to automate Social Media

    IF Blog [New post/photo post] THEN Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr [New link post]
    Social Bookmarking.

    I always automatically use IFTTT to save EVERY different Social Media link I create and use Google Drive to save them all in a Spreadsheet.
    It's easier for knowing where you've posted, how many times and if you ever buy a GSA Blast it's handy. I have a spreadsheet for each Social Media site, Blog and Social Bookmarking website.

    It's also useful for the last method I use before I go to bed everynight.

    To automatically bookmark to Bitly/Delicious I use the following

    IF Blog/Social Media/YouTube Upload [New post/video/picture] THEN Bitly/Delicious [New Bookmark]
    To automatically save all of these links to Google Drive I use the following code

    IF Blog/Social/YouTubeupload/Bitly [New post] THEN Google Drive [Add row to spreadsheet]
    This saves nearly EVERY link you create on throughout the day.

    Your own automatic niche relevant subreddit.

    I used my head and created an exact match keyword subreddit and use all the methods listed above to spam a subreddit. The subreddit has never been ghosted.
    When the links, photos, videos and blog articles get posted it automatically saves to Google Drive. I even have quite a few users who post their own links, so I promote their links for free without anything that I can do lol.

    Before I go to bed or stop working EVERY NIGHT...

    This is my final method before I go to bed spend time with the family or anything I plan to do.

    I saw a post about Parasite pwning about a year ago and decide that the factor of the websites already being ranked. So I decided to spam free spammy backlinks to all of the links that I have saved throughout the day. This could be your own personal GSA Ser campaign or just use Index Kings like I do. They might not last but any form of traffic to these pages are traffic to me.

    I only really want the subreddit ranked as this gives awesome powerful links back to your pages. But I add them all anyway.


    I think that is obvious but some people will do it anyway and ruin their whole website/project. I will not be held responsibly for that lol.

    Hopefully somebody can make sense of this tutorial/post/guide. I have used it for over a year and never came into any trouble although I did give up with most of my projects. But I'm back and solidly using all of the methods above manually or automatically.

    TWIST my methods and there should be some money to be made with CPA, PPI, PPD or even an Adsense blog.

    Some picture proof:

    _20160312_204012.JPG _20160312_204033.JPG _20160312_204100.JPG _20160312_204328.JPG
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    This is actually a really good outline. Nice job, OP.
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    Great tutorial, especially the Twitter thing. Thanks!