Greyish Hat PPC $10-$50 per day method

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    I posted another method and I think it pissed off a couple of people which was not my intention.

    Anyway here is one that I have been making money on for a while now - but it needs hard work and sometimes I don't have time to work it. If you don't know what you are doing you can lose quite a bit if you are using your own money. (think adword vouchers). The method I am describing has not been done by myself for a while - I am still using variations on this theme though.(use your imagination) All this has been picked up here and I take no credit for this forums members!

    Step 1:
    Make a celebrity gossip / picture / slease (but not porn) site using wp. Make sure it looks good. Pull some feeds in so it looks like the real deal. Using a wp helps keep your QS ok later.

    Step 2:
    Make about 10-15 posts so that the site appears full or use some other method to your choosing to fill the site.

    Step 3:
    Think of some celebs that people would like to see naked, then find some fake pictures of them naked, and airbrush over the naked bits so it looks more real. Try and find tasteful images so that people will think it real. The celebs need to be people that arn't in the habit of showing off naked all the time.

    Step 4:
    Place a post with the naked celeb airbrushed on it a make a big deal about has she was 'caught' with her pants down. Try and make it seem exclusive.

    Step 4:

    Mention that if they join the site the pictures can be seen unedited due to the fact you don't want kids seeing them or some crap. Then to join they need to enter their email or postcode or whatever you can convince them to enter. Zip and Email submit where what I first used.

    There are many threads here saying how to get emails / zips - but I don't use them now. This step is vital because this is where you get your money. You need to use your imagination and read a lot - here and other places. I will not lie to you - this is hard.

    Step 5:
    Get onto adwords - the best way is to get some vouchers to test. You can burn money fast if you don't know what you are doing! That is a warning.

    Step 6:
    Create your ad's and keywords list.
    Using the keyword tool, find a range of keywords for your celeb. You need to group your keywords tightly and make a post for each group. You may have 30-40 landing pages. If you don't do this google with slap you. I use speed PPC which does the same thing in a hour. Your pages need to fully optimized for PPC (again for qs)

    Step 7:
    Create your ad text. Very important. You need to allure to the celeb being naked, otherwise your ads will not run. Do not use sexual words. This is tricky and you will need to practice a bit.

    Step 8:
    Make sure you get the cheapest clicks you can, most celebs are dirt cheap, both on search and content.

    Step 9:
    Start the ads and watch the results carefully, you need to watch it like a hawk, because you can lose money fast. Get rid of your worst performing keywords, and try to optimize your ad copy on the fly. I will not go into to much detail as there are many sources online for this.

    That's about it. I will not take credit for this because this forum provided this and I am sure that someone has posted a method like it recently.

    I do not make any money using the above method now. At most I made $50 per day for about a week but it was hard work. I made $10-$30 per day when I could be bother trying. I have heard of people claiming to have $100 per day like this, but I not sure I believe it. Prehapes if you had the right combination and could scale it up... You need to use vouchers to protect your own account. I still do thing along the same lines - but I will not go into this now. These methods are harder work than most people realize.

    Good Luck - Any questions about adwords and qs please ask and I will answer them.

    If you think this is shit - or someone posted one like this last week, I am sorry, I have been away from this forum for quite a while :)
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    I was thinking of this method a while ago but never do anything in that direction. May be because it requires too much work or I am too lazy. It would be great to hear if someone have good results with it.
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    Yeah, kind of risky with adwords. Not for the first timer. I'd test your conversions using free methods first and make an approximation off that whether this would be profitable using ppc.
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    This is a quote from a Google Adwords bulletin posted last month:

    "Beginning in the coming weeks, we?ll no longer accept ads that promote Unacceptable Business Practices. This includes, but is not limited to, negative option or unclear billing, the sale of normally free items or services, and false celebrity endorsements."

    Proceed at your own risk :)
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    I assume you don't understand the meaning of endorse? That policy is directly aimed to target those selling rebill products via AdWords e.g. Acai Berry. An endorsement means a celebrity supports the product.

    It relates in no way to nudes of celebrities.