Grey/blackhat method of monetizing restaurant/retail's incessant need for feedback

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    Hello BHWers,
    Moderate-time watcher, first time poster. First, let me just say thank you to all of you here that constantly making me re-evaluate what can be a worthwhile idea; it amazes me how many different variants you guys/gals come up with for your own takes of rinse and repeat. Well, that's enough ego-stroking for one post; on to the meat...

    In addition to the usual-type jobs, I usually have a part-time job (retail/restaurant) just to keep me busy (and, I guess, I'm not really banging anyone at this time, so it keeps the evenings a little less sad...), and one trend that I've seen growing like wildfire is this new "go to our webpage and rate <organizationName>; use this code: A34298AF". Not necessarily the "Win $1000 for telling Taco Hell how we did" receipts, but more on that later.

    For instance, I recently worked in a Tech Department for a nationwide chain of a restaurant/entertainment establishment that you've probably played drunk Skee-ball at. This Organization has approximately 60 locations throughout the United States, and my particular location consistently ranked in the bottom 1/3 in terms of their receipt surveys (through a company called mind*share).

    Since I had the inside scoop with one of the Managers, I was able to ask them about the statistics that they get from this feedback program. At our location, we would receive approximately 40 or so surveys a week, with an average "score" of 68.4, which was a computed score from the answers to a few of the key questions that they really cared about. Whereas, the top 10% stores were scoring 80+.

    No problem, having a very strong math/Excel background, I modeled this out quickly, and discovered that if this was an average day (and indeed, it was), with just an additional 35 (5 daily) submittals, I could easily make our store a Top 5 store (~83.3%). So, we know that the theory works.

    Now, how do we apply this? Well, the things that you've been training for in blackhat methods is DIRECTLY APPLICABLE to this venture. They take the surveys via Phone and Internet; phone, I know they geographically tie to the restaurant via Area Code/Exchange Numbers (easily beatable in my example), but for internet submittals, it doesn't look like they do as much (still quite beatable with your skillset). Let's break it down:

    (possible types of) Phone: home phone, home fax line, cell phone, work cell phone, work number, work fax number, someone else's home phone, someone else's cell phone, someone else's work phone, pay phone (10+ types)

    (possible types of) Internet: home internet, home dial-up, work internet, phone internet, some else's work internet, proxy internet (6+ types)

    So, with just 1 person, you could have 16+ ways that they could submit information for this survey, without duplicating their "identifier" (phone/IP), so in the eyes of the survey company, 16+ unique visitors. So, what would a BHWer do at this point???? OUTSOURCE! Since you'll probably be doing this project in your local area, recruit some friends. Let's say you get 20 friends, that each have 9 "contact methods" each, that's 180 contacts without a repeat (at 35/week, that's 5+ weeks). Or better, advertise on CL; every 10 contacts they make, they get $5/$10/whatever. Not too shabby for total 10-15 minutes on the web/phone.

    So, now, you can control who is submitting, you need to make some scripts; easy! Have each of these people submit 1 (or more) scripts to you, spin them and you can easily have 4+ scripts for people to use... I'm sure you can see where I'm going with this. Really, this project is just about information management.

    So, let's make our money, right?!?!?! Approach someone in the Management structure. Represent yourself as someone that can drive real, human traffic towards their surveys, if they are able to provide the Survey Codes to you on a daily basis. Sure, this might be unethical, but with the raise they're going to get from "inspiring" all of this traffic, they can MORE THAN pay for the amount you are asking for. In my case, I went for $250/month (this let's me pay out my zombie army ~$140/month, and I keep about $100). Once, you've got this, it's really more on cruise control than trying to get a website up to ~$3/day. You get 4-6 emails/texts a day with codes/pictures of codes, and you just farm these out to your zombie army.

    As for your rinse and repeat, you have to think that you can scale this up or down for the Organization in question; everyone has their price, but can you match it up with your effort level??? For instance, another person I know manages a major video game retail location (you know you've STOPped there for GAMEs, heh). They average ~12 surveys per week, and they have to have 10s on their "focus questions" for the survey to even count. Same idea here... you can double that number and skyrocket them to the top of their rankings in their district/region/company; maybe 2/day is worth $100/month? Maybe Taco Hell does have a price??? Maybe some free chalupas!!!!