Greg Davis Traffic Source/Offer?

Discussion in 'CPA' started by blackhatjaspast666, Dec 29, 2011.

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    Hey Guys,
    I am not sure if any of you follow Greg Davis, and I am only on his email list, never bought anything or viewed any webinars. Today he sent his email list a picture of his CPA account for today saying that he has made a little more than 107k in a single day. He says that it is just PPC and not media buying so I assume that he is talking about google adwords search, and maybe content network I'm not entirely sure. I am just curious if anyone would be able to tell me what kind of offers these could be, I think the payouts are $50 exactly per sale/lead.

    Here is the image:
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    Aug 11, 2011
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    Wow, the only offer I know on AM that pays 50 usd is Direct tv shit. Some tv channel shit.
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    They have a pretty interesting new approach. Well, not THAT new, but definitely novel. Basically they have a cloaking tool that will allow you to appear to be publishing an ad on one site, but redirecting to a completely different site.

    I believe Greg was one of thefounders and a survivor of the former Elite Clicks Media debacle. He's regrouped with a couple of other big hitters (luke sample and Jon Shugart) and formed the Rockstar Media Alliance, essentially ECM 2.0.

    As for the screenshot he emailed, it's not entirely clear that this is his specific account or the combined results for several who purchased traffic. Does anyone ever believe those, regardless??? I'll give him this, whatever he's doing, it seems to be working. People who know him (or claim to) say he's the real deal, but when you search for info on him, there's not a heck of a lot to be found before he started his mad self-promotion. The thing with Greg is I can't get passed the persona he's created - always drinking/drunk, partying, living the life of an internet marketer, yada, yada, yada. He was tanked on a webinar this past November that went well past 1amEST. That's not to say it wasn't entertaining, but it does make one take a pause if he's the guy leading the charge and responsible for other people's money. Nobody openly drinks/parties like this and makes an honest living for long, which begs the question of whether he's being honest about the living he's making.

    Either way, it would be interesting to know the whole story.
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    hey dude i agree with u about Mr. Greg Davis bs rant and drinking and fkn repeating his steady bs promo and always sending me that jv bs every 2
    weeks or so...
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    Yeah he's cloaking adwords on search. If you pay for his coaching you get the tools he uses. Bizop offers is what he mainly promotes i believe.