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    Hi guys & gals.

    I have been involved in online marketing and advertising for about 13 years, including co-founding a contextual advertising startup that was successfully sold a couple of years ago as well as other related IM ventures.

    My number one favourite thing in the world is learning new stuff, and putting it to good use (i.e. not only reading, but also doing). I have only recently discovered BHW, and I have probably learnt more new things visiting the site on a quasi-obsessive basis for the past few months than in the last several years managing sales & business development in a 25-person company.

    Anyway, several years ago I started testing the ?SEO waters? and was instantly hooked. Although it started as a hobby, over the years it has become something much more than that and I hope to make it a full-time affair soon.

    That?s it for my intro, look forward to actively participating on the boards and meeting many of you.
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    Welcome to the biggest forum for IM....Stay blessed.
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    Welcome, take the time to read over the forum rules, plus any additional rules for the specific section your about to post in. These additional rules are located at the top of every forum sub section.

    Please make sure that you post your thread in the correct sub forum and you will be just fine.

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    If you want to sell anything on here, you need to be a Donor or Jr.VIP

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    If you have an issue that cant be resolved by reporting a post, visit the forum leaders page and look for a mod in your section.

    Make friends and money. Good luck to you.

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