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    Hello people of Black Hat World!

    As you can guess, I'm really new here. Plus, I'm really not so great at the whole, "introduction thing." As I either overshare, or under share, or come across as an awkward introvert with acute agoraphobia.

    So, why am I here? Well, I used google to see if I could find a way to earn money with consideration to my limitations, that being the agoraphobia, anxiety, and general not doing well with people and situations in person, or, rather, in the "real world".

    Why is my handle: Help.Me.Ow...! ? During my WoW days I acquired the nickname: "Help", and it has stuck with me ever since. But going around on forums, or even in games, etc., as "Help" leads to confusion from others. So, I chose to update it to: Help.Me.Ow...! because it fits my clumsy persona, and well ... it just suits me all around.

    Who am I? I'm an avid bibliophile, table-top RPGer, comic aficionado, player of video games, and general geek. I am working towards self-sufficiency with regard to above mentioned issues, and I really love learning.

    If you could have any three super powers, what would they be? and why? Omni-linguistics, because who wouldn't want to understand every language ever created — a la Cypher, Marvel Comics — ? Captain America's super-solider serum . . . because having enhanced cognitive abilities coupled with superior physical traits just sounds awesome. hmm... I think Cap's serum should count as two powers, so that about wraps things up.

    If you have questions, concerns, or salutations please reply below! And thank you for having me as part of your community!
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    Welcome to BHW!
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