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    Hello BHW!

    There was a recent thread that mentioned the site OGMobi, which is a content locking website for mobile devices. For those not aware, content locking is where a certain part of your website is not accessible unless the user either completes a survey, or in this case downloads an app. Every time they do, you get paid ;). The reason I'm posting this is because a few weeks ago, OGMobi now allows content locking for desktop viewers, which I'm guessing is going to increase my profits by at least double. I used to use AdWorkMedia, but the surveys looked too spam-like for my taste. Anyways, I cannot recommend this enough, the payout is high and customer service is great. I signed up under the affiliate link of another BHW member, if you want to as well then be my guest, just add ?r=14721 to the end of the php, I also believe you get a bonus.


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    Show us your proof