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    Just taken a call from a UK SEO company (im in UK) - went along these lines:-

    them:- Hi Im John Smith from xxx SEO, we noticed you are on page 1 of google for a number of keywords but our company can get you to pos 1.

    me:- Ok and how do you do that and for what cost?

    them:- Do you know anything about computers (yes he used that word) and the internet.

    me:- is that a real question?

    them:- I am just trying to find out if you know how important it is to be ranked on Google.

    me: (trying to get off phone) - cut to the chase how much is this going toi cost.

    them: well ranges from $600 - $1500 per month but we will get you to position 1

    me: i do all this myself and it costs me very little. Do you use Blackhat, greyhat or white SEO?

    them: what is that? I have never heard of these terms.

    me:- Before I hang up on you I suggest you go to google and type these in - GOODBYE

    But the best thing is I cannot find them anywhere for search terms on the big G either, so they don't even have good seo on their own website !!!

    made my day !!
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