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    "We see it all the time on the forum.. people are trying to build an authority site and monetize it with AdSense one minute then the next day they are asking about building a clickbank review website and then a few days later they want to build Instagram accounts. Enthusiasm is great and wanting to venture into many different areas is a nice goal.. but it isn?t practical. And if you spread yourself too thin you are going to fail.

    In the beginning you need to pick one thing to focus on and spend all your time learning everything you can about it.. whether it?s building a blog and monetizing it with CPA offers and AdSense, or running CPA offers using paid traffic sources.

    Find one thing that you are interested in and stick to it. Don?t bounce around between several different things. You have to dedicate all of your time and focus on one project at a time, especially in the beginning.

    Look at the best IMers in the game.. they are experts in one area usually. That is how they become so successful. They aren?t all over the place trying to do it all. They master one thing and continue to evolve with it."

    With this said, what is YOUR AREA OF EXPERTISE? What resources did you use to achieve MASTERY? If you're still working on it, HOW IS IT GOING?