Great news for Indians!!!

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    Hello My brothers and sisters,

    Great news for you all infact i little relief! :p

    Today i got an email from paypal-

    [​IMG] In order to comply with the RBI Guidelines, all PayPal users in India must:

    • Add a Permanent Account Number (PAN) and Purpose Code.
      By adding this information, you will continue to receive export-related payments into your PayPal account and your account will not be limited from receiving future payments.
    • Add a bank account in India.
      This will help us to auto withdraw your PayPal balance out of your PayPal account and transfer your balance to your bank account in India. Note: If you don't add a bank account in India to your PayPal account then your PayPal account will also be limited from receiving export-related payments.

    Now you will be able to receive export-related payments of up to USD 3000 per transaction into your PayPal account.
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