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Great Advice for Newbies

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by igravie, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. igravie

    igravie Newbie

    Mar 14, 2012
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    Hello All!

    I have only been a member of this forum for a few months, but the information and knowledge I have gained has been invaluable!

    I want to share my hints and tips with everyone so you guys don't make the same mistakes!
    I started looking at affliates a few months ago. I have an affiliate window account for a while but never really utilised it. I decided it was time to get on the band wagon and start plugging some of my links to make some $$.

    I caught the wave of an internet sensation, it was a celebrity sex tape scandal. So i immediately made a YT video, a compilation of the singers photos (which I grabbed from google) and posted it on YT with the heading "sex tape scandal". I then put a link at the bottom of the video re-directing traffic to my website. I used an online content locker (action locker) which is free, to lock down my page. I uploaded the full sex tape video I found by doing a simple google search and imbedded the video on my website. For views to watch the video they had to subscribe to my affiliate link, which earned me $1 per sign up.

    I did make £400 in just under 3 days, but my payment was declined because I was promoting adult material! This was such a let down after watching the money clock in every minute!
    I have now moved onto adult affiliates and have been working hard to replicate the success.

    There are some great methods out there to use!

    I finally decided to create my own website, promoting affiliate links and rewarding members money on completion of my affiliate linked surveys( my big 1 dot com)

    You are welcome to sign up and become a member, and I also welcome any feedback.

    Just be careful when looking at affiliates and they way in which you use and promote them. I had my fingers burned, but its all good experience!

    Thanks all!