Gratitude and Giving Back (Wordpress Tutorial)

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    Hi Folks,

    I just want to tell how much gratitude to know people from this forum.

    I'm starting out as a completely noob, I don't know anything about website creation,
    and then after reading a lot from this forum I recognize that all master here is doing the same pattern.
    It's about perseverance, hardwork and keep action...action...action...

    Based on that mindset, I teach myself on doing wordpress from tutorial (free and paid)
    then I join oDesk as a freelancer.
    First I just doing HTML, then CSS and then wordpress theme

    After sometime I have a steady client from Switzerland that order me logo,
    and then wordpress site, and then almost all of his client is being handled by me.
    Not for long I received thousands of dollars from just one client.


    If you see in the picture it's ongoing project but actually the client stop using odesk as a payment system from in the middle of 2011. After that the client just transfer directly to my paypal for the work, but he doesn't want to terminate the record in oDesk.

    Next I set up my own web portfolio in 21clouds dot com and build a team to handle more and more clients.

    My clients is basically the same web design company that outsource their work to me.

    So because I've received many from here, it's time for me to giving back.

    For the next post in this thread I will create wordpress tutorial.

    I hope the wordpress tutorial will help you with your web project, or even can teach you some skills that bring money and prosperity to your life.

    Keep the faith, keep the dream you'll be there :)
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    i will wait that tutorial sir.. thanks in advance hope that u post that as soon as possible.. thanks again sir.