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    Working on a website. Or in fact it isn't mine but I'm doing the text.

    I'm not english native though so I would be flattered if someone would help me correct any mistakes!

    Welcome to the more complete information page. Starting out as a website, we are now a community. Our site offers a
    , a chat, and much more. A poll that, the more it grows, will give a clearer view of what colors for your
    nails are trending. to create a

    fun website

    , we have added a forum to offer service, the chance to
    debate on colors,
    win prizes

    , and we will have giveaways on rare, exclusive and
    limited edition nail and beauty accesoires. We got a place for contests among nail salons to see who is the best
    designer. A dedicated chatroom where you can ask questions or have fun.. There's not a thing not found here for
    people that love nail deocorations of all kinds and all things nails. Is there a problem, let us know quickly by using one
    of our possible methods! To make our site
    as engaging as possible

    , we have added a chat for our
    , so we can stick close to our community. In our search of a gallery, we've decided to add the picture
    gallery to the forums
    . As we realize that a site about nails of course needs to have nail pictures, we've created a
    beautiful opportunity to add pictures in our forums, get them rated, etcetera.. We've also set up other essential
    things that we at first wanted to add to our website, how about the opportunity to upload your designs without
    competition. A marketplace to sell your used or new things, or notify the others about neat deals at
    websites. A designer contest, for nail stylists, so you can compete on who makes the best nails. And in time, we will
    focus on finding a partner for our site, that can offer our visitors some real neat deals on all things nails, or
    things for our giveaway. We also have an instagram to find some trending or just plain beautiful nail-style
    . You get a chance to be uploaded on our instagram when posting your designs to the forum. We also have
    will have a facebook and a twitter. And best of all, we didn't use wordpress. We didn't use any pre defined
    layouts, we've used the colors we like, added the functions we like. All to our own style, because we don't want to add
    another of \'those site\'s to the internet. We want a
    fun and engaging community

    for you to enjoy with
    many others. And we're sure that you will! We will be a place where you, our partners, nail
    , webshops (<- our marketplace) can all profit from in some way. An everything-nail hub where you
    can enjoy yourself, not for a day, a week or a month, but year in year out because we will we will keep
    out site fresh, updated, and every function our site has to offer alive

    It's been months of work, but if we look at it now, after 4 months of dedicated thinking, creating, finding partners, we're
    very proud to be the owners of a website that has so much to offer. The options are endless. And to think it only started
    out as a site to find the most popular nailcolors! We wish you a great time at our community, and thanks for your

    No current giveaways. From time to time we will set one up, notifying all our subscribers. We will focus on
    giving away rare, limited edition & from time to time expensive-unique beauty and nail related items. To
    keep all our nail & beauty visitors satisfied. We will give away no crap here! Want a better chance?
    Show us your dedication to our site by sending tips, being active in the forum / chat, or even apply to
    be a moderator / translator (new language) for our site. Just make sure you use the same names so we can
    recognize you.

    these texts are most important i think.
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    Did this go into the right place? I'm not expecting total overhauls, just some mistakes I may have made.
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    Download Grammarly, it's a pretty good tool.