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    Ok guys, I've had this happen to two of my sites now, and I have only found very limited information on this happening to other people too, so I'm hoping someone can help me shed some light on what is really going on. I have about 20 or so decent affiliate auto blogs running and make a few hundred bucks a month semi-passively. It's nothing to brag about, but the point is, all of my sites have, or at least had pretty decent traffic. somewhere in the range of 30-300 visitors a day, depending on the site. One of my sites was getting around 70-100 visits a day, and has thousands of products, and was making sales almost every single day. Then traffic shot up to a few hundred visits per day, so i got curious and looked a little deeper. It shows them as 93% new visitors but, they are all under the gpotato / net domain. I know gpotato is a gaming website, which I found odd being connected to related traffic on my domain. Anyway, the first time this happened, it went for about 3 days, maybe a bit longer, and then it stopped. After that, ALL of my traffic subsided, and I was lucky to get 1 or 2 visits a day. I have no idea what happened.

    The above scenario happened in november of last year. I since took down the website and moved the content to a new domain. Traffic picked up again, this time sales were even better than before. then on march 7, the gpotato traffic came back, so I caught it as early as possible and blocked it in my htaccess. This stopped the incoming traffic, but now my site is back to having 1 visitor a day. A quick google search led me to a thread in freshmarketingforum, where other people have the exact same issue, and they lose ALL of their traffic. This thread is the only thing I can find regarding this issue, and it doesn't really address what is REALLY going on. So, my question is, what happened to my traffic, where did it all go? any ideas? Thanks in advance.