Gotta Love Craigslist!

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    A man, who attempted to make a Craigslist transaction, ended up shooting a would-be buyer Monday afternoon on the city's Northwest Side, officials said.

    The 21-year-old buyer was shot twice in the left leg and was taken to Wilford Hall Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries. He faces charge of aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon after he tried to take the camera away from the seller, a police report states.

    Neither the buyer, nor the seller were identified.

    The shooting occurred around noon in the parking lot of an IHOP restaurant in the 120 block of Southwest Loop 410 near U.S. 151, the report states. The seller told police he placed a camera for sale on Craigslist and that he went to meet the alleged buyer at the IHOP parking lot. As the seller waited in his vehicle at the restaurant, he noticed the buyer and two other men in a car. When the seller called the assailant over to make the transaction, the buyer approached the vehicle with another man and demanded a camera, the report states. The 37-year-old seller saw the man lift his shirt to retrieve a weapon and that's when he pulled out a handgun and shot the assailant twice, the report states.

    The assailant managed to make his way to a nearby Cracker Barrel restaurant where police found him. It is unknown if police found his weapon or the two other assailants.

    It is likely the seller will not face any charges in the shooting, police said.

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    This was in San Antonio too, the same place last year guys where robbing would be motorbike buyers at gunpoint! ;)

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    So, I guess this one started at for sale section, eh? I wonder what would happen with accidents that started at casual encounters :D