Got traffic? Let me monetize it for you!

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    What's up everybody,

    I'm a designer/developer with a background in CPA. I specialize in creating landing pages very well tailored to offers. I threw up a freebie thread last year for an Apple inspired landing page, which got a lot of positive recognition and comments. - Link to thread

    I'm now looking to get back into CPA, however I have no traffic. I'd like to JV with someone who's already got a significant amount of traffic but doesn't really know how to monetize it.

    I'll work with you to build a very well tailored campaign suited to your traffic type, with CPA offers being the form of monetization.

    If you're interested, post below, Skype me on yousef.3rab.misr or email me at [email protected].

    I know this post is pretty vague, I'm just fishing to see if there's any takers first.

    Thanks :).