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    Hi guys. Unusual situation here. I have had multiple accounts suspened in the past so wheni opened another one a few years ago i opened it in a reletives name. Recently i realized that my oldest account was suspended way before ebay started collecting socials probably before paypal. I had moved many times and had seen my credit report so i knew they had no access. So i opened an account in my own name and my own social and no problems but as i was building mine the one in my relitives name got suspeneded. I opened the new one on a vpn (8 months and its not in a city near me) not thinking the one in the reletives name would be suspended but that i would have a back up incase of suspension. Ok so now the dilimmas:
    1. i want to transition the new account from the vpn to my home network going to get a new modem and router
    2. I want to use the app...yes i know your philosophy but the devices have never been used with any ebay account and the speed of listing plus the ability for multiple members of my family to list at the same time is something i need. I have a laptop, a cell phone, 2 tablets on wifi only and want to be able to list on all the devices. I just signed up with tunnel bear but checked the ip location is in New York, my vpn ip is in Florida and i am in Texas.

    So after all that from this point how do i straigten this mess out so i can list on all my devices with the app.