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Got into Some Problems while trying to Write and Sell WSO - Please Help Me

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by multicolouredhat, Sep 20, 2014.

  1. multicolouredhat

    multicolouredhat Regular Member

    Jan 12, 2014
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    I posted a thread in money making section but did not got any response, so writing in this section.
    I am going to explain my whole problem so please bear with me for 3 ? 4 minutes.

    I was going to write a WSO, which is based exclusively on my three methods that I applied to earn $$$. The WSO will be having all the methods explained in detail with screenshots and also payment proof included.

    But then I got into a problem of choosing the right platform to sell my WSO.

    Different Platforms I found and Associated Problems that I faced:

    CLICKBANK: As my WSO will be in the range of $10- $15 and is also a pdf eBook, so I do not feel like getting more affiliates going to sell my WSO. Moreover they have fees of $49.95. So not very optimistic about Clickbank.

    WARRIOR FORUM: Problem with warrior forum is that I do not have any reputation there so it would be very hard for me to sell my WSO there. Also it would be pushed on older pages in 2-3 days getting less exposure.

    JVZOO: It seemed right at starting as they have quite number of affiliates, no problem of reputation thing and also no fees. But as I made account and started to make my page I filled my PayPal information and I got a message that I cannot make a product due to problem of PAYPAL with my country.
    Below is the screenshot of the problem.


    Moreover not sure with Clickbank that I will be in same problem like JVZOO after paying $49.95 .

    So what should I do now??
    1) Sell my WSO ??
    2) Get into a JV with some other one?s name from Warrior Forum as my Face and sell book through him and pay him 10 ? 20 % of my earnings??
    3) Get into a JV with someone who could lend me his PayPal account on my JVZOO account and then give him 10 ? 20% of the earnings??
    4) Or some other way that you respected fellas suggest.......

    Please help me.
    Any Help would be appreciated.
  2. 4ContactUK

    4ContactUK Regular Member

    Mar 9, 2013
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    Business owner
    I'm guessing you didn't get a reply before because most peoples opinions on here of that forum and its products are that of less than positive.

    I'd say your best option is doing a combination of sales platforms and try to find some successful IMers with a great database to market too. If you sign up to anything to get something for free or register for a webinar in your chosen niche, you will soon find the right people to approach and build a relationship with first instead of jumping in with your sales pitch. Just think how many people approach these IMers. Also making friends with popular WSO sellers will help you to approach in the future but whats to say they read your techniques and just copy it or make it better so you need to think 'whats in it for them' and have that in mind for each person you approach.

    You could also consider setting up a training course and making money from a membership site or Udemy. If you go to facebook and join this group, the lady who runs it offers a free webinar on doing just that.
    Good luck