Got Dating Traffic? Make sure you use a GEO/Device redirect setup | Tutorial


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Oct 1, 2014
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A lot of affiliates loose money when sending traffic to an offer that only accepts certain GEO's like US,UK,CA. But then what if you send a click from Australia? DARN! A wasted opportunity to make an extra sale.

At ViceOffers we just added a global dating SOI PPL offer that automatically sends your traffic to the perfect offer depending on their location and device. This is the perfect link to send your extra dating traffic to without the hassel of trying to decide which dating/adult offer to promote to them. We do the hard work for you!

Also, depending on how your traffic is converting we will remove offers doing badly with your traffic and replace them with different ones. The more traffic you push the more optimized your links will become towards your traffic.

It's offer #30 on our dashboard.

Feel free to skype me for more information: heiko.viceoffers
global dating SOI PPL is a pretty damn sexy thing.

Our offer, TEARcloud is also in ViceOffers Network if anyone wants to make 15% recurring on all purchases!
Why do you call your thread "Tutorial" when it´s really just an ad for your network?
Why do you call your thread "Tutorial" when it´s really just an ad for your network?

Ah crude yea I forgot to add the scripts.

So basically if you have an offer that only takes US/UK/CA traffic you should use a script that redirects all other GEO's to a global redirect link like ours.
Here is a link to the geo plugin i've had success using:

If you google 'country redirect script' there's also a lot of other options out there. I might make a thread where i outline in detail on how to setup a country redirect script but it's pretty self explanatory in the link I posted.
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