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    Mar 31, 2011
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    hi budys,

    here in germany is a tv show like amarican idol oder britains got talant called "das supertalent".

    5 million viewers every saturday evening in tv.

    one of the singers has very good opportunitys.

    I(!!!) own the domains and

    i hope to receive many many siteviews.

    how to monetize?

    sadly i have no adsense cause they banned me :S

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    Mar 9, 2011
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    The possibilities are endless ..

    You can just upload a video of him/her performing on YouTube and other video sharing sites and make a "scandal" or something "Exclusive" , and redirect them to your website where you put your content locker and say to them that if they want to see that "video" they have to complete an offer ..

    Just add your own twists !
    Best wishes :)
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    I would put a few pictures, maybe a short video and say it is a fan page. Then put a paypal donation button for $1 or something small and say something like, "Donate to help me support my needs so I can stay focused on my dreams and not my job!" Just don't ever say that the donations are for the actual person on the idol show. Have a disclaimer at the bottom that says they aren't donating to the idol person but to a private party in need of money. Also an easy access facebook like button would be the bees knees and help it to go VVIIRRAALLLLL!!! If you can get 100k to donate, you are rich!
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    Get videos of him and pictures.. Build a site around his life. Under the head line make a big annoucment : You have to see this!!! Firstnamelastnam singing under his/her shower NAKED. Hidden camere footage! GO here now.

    Make this as a pop-up box.. with subscribsion form to aweber.

    say that they will get the secret link to the video in their inbox.

    on your host make site with content lock and say: to prevent from distirution of the video please prove that you are a real person and fill out on of the offers.

    they fill out the offer you give them a yt video with sombody singing in the shower.. but not reveal who is it.. the best way is to find a video with poor quality of sound.

    and your job is done ;)

    1. Money from cpa
    2. List in entertainment niche to market you products.

    Job done! Ibiza here I come :p
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    May 12, 2009
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    set up a content locker to fill up your cpa offers
    easy money