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Got another question about open case, different situation

Discussion in 'Ebay' started by oatmeal, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. oatmeal

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    May 20, 2015
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    So I got another open case from a sale I made on July 26th (not too long ago). It was for domestic US shipping so those orders usually get delivered in 2-7 days.

    This person claimed that the shipping company contacted them and said they had lost the package.
    I took a look at the tracking (which is FULL TRACKING), and saw that the shipping company attempted
    delivery on Aug 2nd but recipient was not home. The next info on the tracking was that the shipping company is waiting for the buyer to contact them to tell them when is the best time deliver. They've been waiting since Aug 3rd as it says for each day (Aug3 - waiting recipient response, Aug 4 - waiting recipient response) etc....

    So I think this buyer is trying to get a refund from me and then will call the shipping company to deliver the package. My question is this, after the 4 days, when the case becomes escalate"able" to ebay by the buyer, what happens if the buyer escalates it to ebay? Ebay should be able to see the tracking info that will show a delivery was attempted and nobody was home and then waiting for recipient to contact them for rescheduled delivery.

    Normally I would be sure that ebay would favor me because of that tracking information, but the shipping service I used wasn't one of those that were "trackable" on ebay's site. In other words, when you go to add tracking number, they have a long list of shipping carriers, but some of them after you select it, will say that ebay doesn't support this carrier so the item won't be trackable on ebay's site.

    Will ebay count that against me in this open case and favor the buyer just because my shipping service wasn't one of the one's ebay supports? My shipping service is still on their list, but the buyer just has to track the shipment on the actual shipper's website.