Got a Traffic Source?? Lets partner up - Split profits 50/50 on this HOT niche!

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    Hey there fellow BHW friends! I've just launched a new site in a red-hot niche, and I'm looking for a few good people to help me kick things off right and make some cash with me. If you have access to traffic sources, then please read below and see if you could make some money with this.

    There's no doubt that the Social media traffic niche is HOT right now! Think of the countless millions of people out there who all have a Facebook fanpage, Youtube channel/video or Twitter that they're desperately trying to get eyeballs to. So many of them have no idea that they can actually BUY real quality FB fans, Youtube views/subscribers or Twitter followers. But when they do find out - they're willing to pay good money to increase their FB fanbase by 5k or 10k, or maybe they wanna get thousands of Youtube views, subscribers, likes and favorites so their videos can make it to the Featured sections.

    Point is, many of them would be happy to pay for exposure like that, they just need someone to tell them about it.
    Hopefully that someone is YOU and you profit wildly from it! ​


    My site ( offers quality social media traffic packages at affordable prices (but still profitable for us). This is a social media reseller site, so the prices on the site are basically double what my supplier charges. I'm paying out 50% of the profit that is made on each sale from the traffic that you send, which would be 25% of the retail price listed on the site - we would get equal amount of profit per sale. For example, if the purchase is for $100, you and I would each get $25 and the supplier would get $50.

    Since most customers will do more than one promotion in the future, you can be sure to have many repeat customers. Lifetime cookies are also given to each of your referrals, which means you'll get commissions even if they order weeks or months from now.

    I've also set up a 5% commission on sales generated from 2nd tier affiliates that you refer!

    You can sign up as an affiliate here and check out the site for services/prices offered. I'm also able to provide custom promotional banners if requested. Payments are made via Paypal.

    Let me know any questions you have. Hit me up on Skype @ DigitalWarlok