Got 1.5K targeted visitors, how to monetize?


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Jan 21, 2012
Hi everyone,

I've been very busy in setting up a few high quality authority websites. I've set up a few students who are part of the editors (and write for free), and i've managed to get my website(s) on headliner sites, which cause for a lot of targeted traffic.

My point of trouble is getting the sites monetized. The websites are about PlayStation, Microsoft and Nintendo, so the visitors are most likely a bit tech savvy, and have an ad-blocker.

I've tried Google AdSense, but this is bringing in 1 euro per day. Not very much.

I also tried finding advertisers, but not much luck on that part also. Most advertisers are willing to pay very low prices.

I also tried affiliate marketing, but that was bringing in around 10 euro per month.

What should you do on monetizing these websites? I've got a steady 1.5-2K visitors per month (on the sites combined), but brining in money seems to be the hardest part.

Not sure what you mean when you say you "tried" affiliate marketing - have you tried linking to relevant products directly in the article? Like if you're writing about a game you could say something like "<This game> is currently on sale with a big discount from <Affiliate link>." Don't just put up banners and stuff because that will yield very little in most cases. You need to direct your visitors through your content.
Never ever try to bring fake users, that is a big no-no.
And, use proxy rental for SEO. It works like charm
I tried the Dutch 'version' Amazon, it has a great affiliate program, but the commission is just so low. On a game it's like 0,20 cent or something.

And i've put under the articles a dynamic banner which i targeted on the game the article was about. But again: the commission is just so low that here must be another opportunity.

Thanks for your advice!
Hi OP,

I'm glad you do have the right tools, traffic to aid you. Basically, targeted visitors can respond to products or services. Head straight to offer them products which are suitable for them.

You Can Try Amazon or Ebay for Affiliate programs....
as You Said You Are not Earning much that's because of Less Traffic...
2k visitors per month is Low.. :(
If You want to buy Cheapest Traffic You Can PM me.. :) for more details ...
Hi OP,

You've a targeted niche so why not offer products for sale or do affiliate marketing.
I'm sure it works well.
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