Google's "Search Quality" Highlights for April 2012

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    Google just posted about their Search Quality highlights for April 2012. As we all know, Google Penguin, and several other visible changes were rolled out in the month of April. You can view Google's original post here.

    Here are some of the key highlights I noticed:

    A lot of talk about on-site variables being analyzed in this post, including keyword stuffing, low-quality content analysis, freshness indicators, etc.

    Also, another interesting topic is the fact that they regularly are discussing anchor text, in this regard fixing a bug that they had.

    What are some of your takeaways from Google's search quality highlights for April?
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    One thing I've noticed, I'm not sure if anyone else has.

    If you have a site with h1 + title "Blue widgets" and h2 "red widgets",

    If your site ranks for "blue widgets" and "red widgets", when you search for "blue widgets", the title in the serp will be "Blue Widgets", but if you search "red widgets", google will modify your title to "Red Widgets - Site name" (I noticed this for my web 2.0 properties).

    I'm not sure if this affects search quality relating to title tags. Maybe google is placing less emphasis on user generated titles now? Too soon to tell.

    EDIT: Looks like its covered in this post:

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    Pretty good catch
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    So what about a micro neiche site with content that is not upated regularly for eg:- if you have a site named "garminnuvi255.c0m " that site is specifially for garmin nuvi 255 and how in the world that we can provide fresh content if the product itself is not updating ( i mean the same product and not the new version ) and a person who is searching for garmin nuvie 255 need that info and not garmin latest version .