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Google's algorithm for non-english countries are working the same?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by dustineyes, May 11, 2016.

  1. dustineyes

    dustineyes Registered Member

    Jan 10, 2014
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    Hi guys, recently i've got a "client" (doing some "pro bono" work) from the same country as i am in. They were ranking for a single keyword in 36th place, and others were nowhere to be found in the first 100. Their website is a mess, errors all over that thing, optimization is at very low level, it's not mobile friendly and so on... They were ripped off for website and SEO, and they got crappy website (skeleton only, they had to input all images, descriptions, content, etc), and with horrible SEO work (found only single backlink to their website created by the person who has done the optimization, and that one was totally out of the context)

    So my friend and i have decided to create a website from scratch, and do the optimization step by step from top to bottom both on and of site.

    Why i have decided to do it for free? Well i consider myself a rookie, i do know how things work (more or less), but i have never done SEO this serious, not for others anyway + i hated how they got played, so i needed to help them out.

    Now after a long (and probably not-needed) intro, i have a question.

    Do Panda and Penguin(especially Penguin) work for non-english sites the same as for the english ones? I am asking because, after i have investigated keywords for one of their offers, i guided them how to use those keywords and how to write a lengthy, and good article for that page. After the article was placed, 1 week passed and there were 8 out of 12 targeted keywords ranking in first 50. The one which was 36th is 11th now, others are placed in 14th, 19th and the rest on 3rd page.

    However, competition has H1's filled with 3 keywords in all pages, it's totally unnatural, content also of bad quality, and their backlinks are more or less pure spam (they v got shitload of them from very few RD). They are ranking 1st for 9 of those 12 keywords.

    So do Panda and Penguin work for smaller non-english markets the same way, and should i continue with trying to rank slowly, by adding good, long content, and quality pbn links, citations, etc or should i take different approach?

  2. SEO Sicko

    SEO Sicko Power Member

    Oct 24, 2014
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    I think you can take a direct approach by increasing good content,backlinks quality and more PBN links.
    For your query, there may be a two possibilities;
    One is Google will have the same priority for all languages.
    It will have the different approach for other languages by visitors density.
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