Google's algorithm changed... what are you gonna do about it?

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    I wanted to open a discussion about google's recent changes to their search engine algorithm and how people are still getting successful ranking. I use several different blackhat methods and whitehat methods for ranking of my sites, but after this update I've seen a huge downturn in my sites rankings. I use a mixture of forum profile links(xrumer), forum comment links(scrapebox), 90%+ unique spun articles sent out(articlemarketingrobot), yet i still see a drop in rankings.

    Last month Google made on of he most consequential algorithm updates in the last decade. Deemed the "farmer update," the recent slap removed websites deemed to be "content farms" from many of the results. The outcome has left many websites teetering on the brink of obscurity.

    What makes a content farm?
    For several years now, content farms have been a big part of search engine optimization strategy. these sties were vast repositories of articles, editorials, and how-to guides, which existed to boost other websites search rankings.

    Content farms worked like this...

    1. the content farm published (or stole) large quantities of cheap, low value articles on a number of assorted links.

    2. google's natrual bias toward information-based sites rewarded the sheer volume of content with a good search rank.

    3. these small articles attracted links from other bloggers futher boosting the farms search rank and authority.

    4. once the farm's authority got high enough , it could then link to other websites in need of SEO help and boost their search rankings. (usually for a price)

    ** Google steps in and makes an update to their search engine and on 2/24/20111 google engineers step in and take action against content farms. The google engineers said "this update is designed to reduce ranking for low quality sites which are low-value add for users, Conny content from other websites, or sites that are just not very useful. at the same time it will provide better rankings for high quality sites.

    Who was affected?
    when the google slap came, it hit hard, wiping out millions of top search ranks across a myriad of supposed content farms overnight. The slap affected targeted websites in a number of different ways. Search engine research blog SIStrix uses a forumla to measure how well a domain is ranking for searches related to it's content. This is known as "visibility", and the recent google slap wiped some sites clean off the map.

    Five sites that lost the most visibility.
    1. articlebase is down 94%
    2. suite101 is down 94%
    3. associatedcontent is down 93%
    4. business is down 93%
    5. essortment is down 91%

    if losing nearly half all visibility is a death sentence on google, loosing a major percentage of top search rankings is the nail in the coffin.

    Top five biggest search engine rank losses
    1. suite101 is down 79%
    2. associatedcontent is down 75%
    3. buzzle is down 72%
    4. ezinearticles is down 71%
    5. hubpages is down 67%

    Of course with so many top search rankings removed, there had to be new websites to take their place. As a result, some companies received huge gains in the google results as their pages rose to claim the empty slots on page one.

    top five biggest wins
    1. bestonlinecoupon is up 89%
    2. is up 26%
    3. ehow is up 20%
    4. etsy is up 20%
    5. sears is up 19%

    curiously, ehow, regarded by many as a blatant content farm, not only wasn't affected by the slap, but actually benefited from many of it's competitors being wiped out of the top ranks.

    What does this mean for SEO?
    seeking links from content farms is no longer a winning strategy. when the google update came out it not only affected the content farms, but also the blogs that received links from them.

    when a blog with good authority links to another site, positive link juice is passed along. If that website loses it's authority, those links become worthless, and could even pass along negative link juice.

    blogs that built their SEO strategy around content farms saw their search position plummet as a result of the slap.

    Now that google has put an end to the power of content farms how can you avoid being hurt by the new algorithm?

    google's anti-scrapper update was a preamble to the content farm slap. the update punishes any blog caught ripping content from an orginal source.

    2. Do not repost your content on other blogs
    your orginal content should stay on your blog. posting copies on it elsewhere could cause google to deem your site as a scraper and hurt your rankings.

    3. Do not buy links (not confirmed)
    google's algorithm rewards sites with many inbound links. some websites, including JC penney and Overstock, have tried to trick google by buying huge amounts of links, but if google catchs on, your rank will be damage.

    4. always check your inbound links
    sometimes your website may have inbound links from content farms without your knowledge through no fault of your own, your rank will fall.

    So the big question is...

    What are you doing or going to do to still get top rankings after all of these changes by google?

    I've seen a continued decline in my site rankings and looking to see what others are doing and share with each other ideas to stop the bleeding.

    *word of note, if you have a way that you prefer not to made be public, please private message me and let me know your thoughts. I may also be open to hiring you so that I can outsourcing some of this to regain ranking on my 6 websites.*


    *reference and props to Focus website for much of the information provided in this post*
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    Sears is up 19%? Well good for them. They need it.
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    Finally a great post.... Guru`s of SEO we await you`re comments on this. :D
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    I don't believe that your site could be punished from having links from a content farm, I just think they are not as powerful as before. If that was the case, we could just get links from these sites and point them at our competitors. I don't thing google will ever let off site factors damage a site, too much room for misuse.
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    I don't think people are getting it,THE SITES GOT HIT not the links from it.I use AMR all the time and see nothing but upward movement a while back I blasted a 2 week old site with 1500 links from an UNSPUN article,talk about duplicate content,I them added a senuke blast to round things off.Now this site was half way up page one but thats not enough for me lol.It disappeared overnight,I did a thread about it when it happened.
    3 days ago the site re-appeared 2nd top(#2) on the first page with 2 pages from it taking up positions 2 and 4 respectively.Now if LINKS FROM article directories got hit that would not have happened,I wrote the site off,I really did.
    I use scrapebox,I blasted some arsehole who didn't pay me with 25 k FOUND links(200+k list) with really dirty keywords and his site still climbed for his keyword.

    Give us more info on your sites,do they have adsense,are they monetised directly with cpa offers on them.Persoanlly saying your sites are falling doesn't mean scrapebox,amr or xrumer aren't working it could alot of reasons more info required OP to both help you and other people in a similar position.I would never blast a site under 6 months with scrapebox but since I bought scrapebox I have blasted most of my main sites directly.
    I have also learnt a few things but still blast directly.
    As requested more info on what your site really is please.
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    No No everyone stop getting links it's getting too dangerous and pass the word along!
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    Exactly what I was saying. The only thing links can do to hurt a site are sandbox a brand new one.
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    i guess the question we all need answering is which types of links have INcreased in weight if article directory links have DEcreased.

    friends of friends of mine have spent a lot of time placing articles for their white hat site on article directories (but only on a handful of directories).

    the site is in a highly competitive niche (finance related).

    their primary source of backlinks in the last 9 months were acquired through 'bought' links and this has had a dramatic effect on their ranking of a site thats 7+ years old.

    after buying circa 100k+ links they went from lower reaches of page 2 where theyve been stuck forever and a day, into #6 - #8 of page 1, but cant break through above that, let alone into the top 3 positions.

    learning from that, theyve bought an aged domain which is an EMD and have bought circa 1500 links, they have a holding page only (NO content as yet although this is about to be addressed) and are bobbing around on page 1 between #4 - #6

    links have been bought on home pages of similar niche sites.

    lesson learned for me is that EMD is a fundamental bedrock of your online strategy. after that, i hate to say it, but it looks like BUYing links is more important than i would have liked to think.

    maybe its because id also like to think that BUILDing links via tactics learned here is the way forward because its duplicatable without same sums of money required for purchasing links or even worse, renting links.
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    Great News !
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    The only links that have the biggest value for google are the ones that match exactly your domain name
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    Somewhat related:

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    EMDs are still very powerful. Some rumors have them soon to be devalued but for the time being there is nothing more powerful then a optimized link from a EMD, except maybe being a EMD.

    I still have not figured out why some of my sites where hit by the the Farmer update and others where not. It also seems that once you are hit with this penalty it is very difficult to get out.
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    Yahoo is going down, Msn is going down! Google will take over everything soon enough! What is the future going to be for affiliates?