Google will also suspend your adwords accout if you ...

Discussion in 'Adwords' started by pucky, Feb 1, 2011.

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    Google also suspends adwords accounts if you abandon them.

    In other words, google sent me an email awhile back listing all the domain i need to fix (convert from a bridge page to a non bridge page). Iv left it at that. I have 4 domains to fix even though i havent run adwords in over 3 months but they want it fixed even though iv deleted all ads and domains from my account, THATS NOT ENOUGH.

    Here is the problem. If you sit around thinking about it they will eventually suspend your account even though they simply asked you to fix the listed domains. I have no idea what that time frame is but 3 months seems to be about right. If i fix those 4 domains and resubit the request to have it reviewed they will remove all the negative history surrounding the domains and allow you to continue fresh.

    In my case, i would simply have to remove all the affiliate links and make them information type websites. The problem is, im making an income from those sites so removing affiliate links will kill my income. Also, all my sites are in position #1 - 4 on page 1 of google. Turning them into info sites just to make these bastards happy is like cutting my own throat. I mean WTF! And if i dont do it they will suspend my adwords account for good? Heard of "got you by the balls?"

    Last week an affiliate friend received the dreaded "your adwords account has been suspended" even though he also abandoned his account. He only had one domain to fix which he ignored for approx 3 months. So kids, if you dont do what this blasted company tells you to do, and if you're lucky enough to get an email to fix your domains without an actual suspension first, you could see your account suspended.

    This information came from a UK adwords specialist who suggested i start now rather than later.
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    thank you
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    BH & Advanced Pay Per Click
    Whats the message on the adwords interface? Using prepay or post pay?
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    i dont understand what the real problem is?

    if your in position #1 -4 in google, then why would you bother with adwords at all?
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    Thanks for the heads up - I wasn't aware of this.