[Google+] What happens to posts with mentions when I delete a circle?

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    Jan 21, 2014
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    From google+ support page: When you delete a circle, everything previously shared with those people will no longer be visible on the Posts tab of your profile (unless you've shared the same content with another circle that they're in). The content will still be visible on the former circle members' Home page.

    When I try to delete a circle, the following message pops up:

    If you delete this circle:

    • People who were only in this circle will stop being connected to you.
    • Anything you shared with this circle will stop being visible to the people in it (unless you shared it with them via another circle or directly).
    So if I share a post with a circle named "marketing", and I delete that circle, that post won't be visible to that circle anymore. What if I directly tagged someone of that circle? Would that person still be able to see that post because I shared directly with her/him.

    Can't find this information nowhere...