Google Wawe invitation request :(


Feb 2, 2008
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Hello guys,

Can someone send me google wawe invitation?

i will give thanks and +rep for this :champion:

Thanks a lot
Even if someone sends you one it will take a while. Someone "sent" me the invitation 2 days ago and still havnt got it. Apparently they are sending them out in batches.
lol a guy sent me an invite and i got the invitation in 2 hours :p
so do u know what that means ?
I have a new account and have no invites in it... :( When I get invites i`ll invite you all!
i agree Can someone send me a invitation also please!!! sorry for hi jacking your thread
An invitation can take 48 Hours
I am Google Wave user thats why i m telling you
I dont have any invitations left otherwise ..........
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