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Google Violation - New Domain Transfer

Discussion in 'Hire a Freelancer' started by becauseimhot, Jun 25, 2014.

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    Aug 18, 2008
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    My website lost rankings several months ago and despite trying to clean off the bad links by purging, Google reconsideration requests have been unsuccessful on multiple attempts.

    I have since bought a new domain extension and would like to perhaps do a 301 redirect on all the pages.

    My questions:

    1. Will the 301 redirect improve the seo rankings of the new domain or keep it blacklisted by Google?
    2. Would a new website with no 301 redirect be better and then I simply have to start from scratch and build up my ranking over time?
    3. Price to move website over to new domain and setup Google Business Gmail accounts/apps on new domain as well.

    PM me with pricing and questions.