Google update. Any ideas?


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May 6, 2012
I have been watching some upheavals in the Google serps since Friday, June 12. At first it looked like normal Google fluctuation for the weekend. The Algoroo for the 12th was 1.76. Up until today it slowly tapered off to 1.22. Today the Algoroo rose to 1.95, which is just under the up updates of May 3, 2015 and April 26, 2015.

What I have been seeing is de-ranking of inner pages, but there appears to be something else going on. Any Ideas?
I have been noticing the same. Maybe it is the panda update we heard about a while back?
My ranking has increased all across the board, not a lot but higher from let's say a week ago.
Today my 3 year old website who was always on the 1st page and lately on the first spot as well, is nowehere to be found in the search results. I checked is it still indexed, and yes it is. Now on the first and second page are even some one page websites.... it is crazy.
Today some pages on my site rank better according to monitorbacklinks. I saw also Google crawler rate increased, URLs submitted and URLs indexed numbers are now the same in Google WMT.
There is an update rolling out for sure. Just got penalized and there is lots of movement in serps, looks like panda+penguin to me. It's a sad day.
[h=1]John Mueller Says Today's Algo Google Changes Not Panda, But Panda Coming[/h]
It's gonna be game over for me... I've never survived a single Google update :( though this time I've been doing it all myself instead of outsourcing services so we will see.
I can't remember... what is that site that has SERP activity on a graph and points out updates? Anybody??
Based on a small sample, in addition to the observations in the OP, what I have been seeing, and in some cases for over a week:
1. Google is rolling back the serps; I am seeing rankings that I had seen last year, but these are subtly different and merged with more current serps. This appears to be an attempt to find black and other Google TOS violation links.
2. There seems to be a preference for pages that are sales pages.
3. There seems to be a preference for Facebook, Angies List, and a small bias towards Yelp.
4. There is a larger bias in favor of complaint sites like ROR, PissedConsumer, ComplaintsBoard, and Complaints.
5. The complaints sites have been creeping up in the serps for about three weeks.
6 Thin content is ranking better than some more developed sites.
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