Google Spying? Weird Google IP behavior

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    Guys, I get a lot of visits from different Google IP's, and always within minutes of each other. These are not bots because I do not log bot crawls. One morning a Google employee ran my ULR w/article name through Google Translate to land back at the very page they started from. That happened one morning when one of my pages rose something like 100 positions to page 1. I got a lot of attention.

    And it seems Automattic is somehow connected to these Google IP's, because there is always an Automattic IP in the group. Mine is not a entity, so there is no reason whatsoever for WP to be interested in my bid'ness.

    Wait... I am posting comments on WP blogs w scrapebox this morning. That's it. Automattic is tracking commenters on their network and maybe reporting to Google?

    Opinions? Thoughts?

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    could be that Google has hired / uses Automattic Peer 1 Dedicated Hosting to fight wp spam comments on behalf of their serps algo