[GOOGLE SHEET] 8000+ custom GPTs


Oct 24, 2023
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Hey, BHW!

Have you heard about custom GPTs?

While there's no official marketplace for these yet, I've brought to the forum a fascinating range of over 8000+ custom GPTs

Have you already created your own GPTs? Share your instructions and experience :3
This list is absolutely amazing! It's such a shame that once the GPT store becomes available, this list will no longer be needed.
these are cools toys, but it's all intended to ChatGPT 4 or Plus
Been trying to get into them but not success because of the plus account it was asking for. Though I found a way but it was limited access.

I tried opening one of them from its app on Android phone. While it was trying to load, I pasted my request and got a respond through chatgpt 3.5.

After fully loaded it asked that I make use of Chatgpt plus account.
wow, amazon over 8K+ lol... but this kind of mixed random contents will distract you more, get you away from your focus...

Focus on your own target and niches
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