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    excuse the lame dragonball z reference

    i'm new to seo i was just wondering how important the number of search results in google is in terms of choosing keywords to rank for?

    for example is 380k (searched with "" in google) gonna really slow down reaching the first page?

    the first page for the keyword is not very competitive, and my site is old and has about 80 backlinks already, if that makes any difference :) thanks guys
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    If the completion is low on your focus keyword, then your site will be rank in few days and for this you to use proper SEO Techniques.
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    I like to look for a sweet spot of relatively high search volume and less than a million results in a Google search. Although there could be other factors that would make me ignore those parameters (like branding).

    At any rate, the difficulty in ranking for them is in direct proportion to the resources you can put into your website. Its hard to say that it will take x amount of days or weeks to rank for a keyword without knowing exactly what will be done to do that. For example one might say that by increasing the load speed of the page to 3 seconds, having a 600 word article on the page with the keyword in it 2% of the time, having the keyword in meta tags, title tags, image file extensions and URLs, having 40 backlinks to the page and getting a link to the page shared on social media sites 50 times caused it to rank on the first page of Google for the target keyword in 2 weeks.

    You might not be able to say that every time because variables are always changing, Google is always changing its algorithm and all of those factors may not be of the same caliber every time.

    Just develop a comprehensive plan and make sure to measure your results. Otherwise you will never know what works for your industry, keywords, website, etc.

    Hope that helps,

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