Google Revamps Logo And Search Page

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    from the bbc in the uk....


    If you're anything like me, you move among devices and Google products on a regular basis.

    You might check Gmail on your phone, for instance, then organize your Calendar via laptop, then browse Google+ photos from your tablet.

    Regardless of your routine, getting around Google should be seamless, and once you're inside an app, you don't want any distractions.

    The new bar streamlines your experience across products and devices:


    Your Google products are now accessible under a new app launcher, located at the top right of the screen.

    Just click on the familiar 'Apps' grid, also present on Android devices and Chromebooks:

    Google is rolling out this update across most Google products over the next few weeks.


    The revamp features a flattened, reshaped logo and replaces the previous menu bar with a smaller range of links on the page's right-hand side.

    The move comes in the same month that Yahoo's logo and Microsoft's Bing search tool have also been updated.

    A Google spokeswoman said that similar changes would now be "slowly rolled out" across its products.

    A blog post added that the firm intended to "streamline" users' experience of its services to prevent "distractions".

    It is the first change to Google's logo since 2010. Not all users will be able to see the redesign yet.

    "This is the season for consumer tech updates and whether you sell a product or it's free everyone wants to look fresh ahead
    of the Christmas shopping season," said Sarah Rotman Epps, an analyst at the tech consultancy Forrester.

    "What they are doing is actually pretty subtle and that's because these software companies depend on user loyalty -
    they don't want to do anything that would alienate their customers."

    Another analyst suggested that cutting down the number of links would encourage people to use Google's social network, Google Plus.

    To reveal other products - such as Google Drive storage, YouTube videos or the Android app Play Store -
    visitors to the firm's search page must now click on an icon made up of small squares.

    "I do think that there is a move to try to make Google+ more central to everything its users do," said Carolina Milanesi from the tech advisors Gartner.

    "It might be the case that it is not obvious to some people that they need to click on the box to reveal the firm's other services."
    So, IMHO the main message here is Google+ is attempting to take a step up in the popularity stakes.

    What do YOU think?
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    I ranked no1 on that search engine in less than 48 hours
    For a stupidly competitive term.
    Only problem is the only people that use it are non commercial.
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    IMHO they are playing the wrong card - claiming "search privacy" while being located in the US (in the middle of Snowden scandal) is pretty silly. It would be a strong card if their servers were located somewhere in Europe. It might be the reason there is not much interest in that search engine even on the behalf of libertarians.

    Once again IMHO they have a much better card in hand, and I dont see any advertisement of the latter. Their search is objective, e.q. no personalization. While Google is toying with its Google+, DDG could steal most of its traffic with that alone.
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    "Most obstacles melt away when we make up our mind
    "Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is
    Do you know if they happen to have a keyword tool?
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    For millions, privacy on the internet is a major concern.
    For these people, how much information an online company is collecting about them is important,
    and so is what companies do with their information. For a long time, these users were looked at by
    technology companies as outliers, people who were vocal yes, but very much in the minority.

    "Duck Duck Go, has done an outstanding job of punching above-its-weight in attracting press attention.
    It has also rightfully helped focus attention on privacy issues that people should be aware of, so they can make informed decisions.
    That type of pressure can help improve the major players, in compelling change.

    But being a darling of media stories has only translated into one search engine that I know of becoming a real giant. That was Google.
    Google got there in large part because of a serious investment in core search infrastructure."

    "I am seeing a noticeable surge in DuckDuckGo showing up in my website stats since the whole NSA-PRISM scandal broke.

    I love DuckDuckGo if for no other reason than to see my content dominating page one of results like they _used to_ at Google.
    DDGo seems to respect both exact match domains and on-page content relevance and optimizations, simple as that.
    And from my observations, DDGo delivers quite decent results ? far better than some of the gobbledygook Bing serves up."

    If the NSA?s PRISM scandal has a user concerned, then DuckDuckGo is the only clear answer.
    Yes, Google does have privacy and data controls, but there?s clearly a reason why the company doesn?t advertise its search
    as having not logged any user data." (Hence no KW tool for DDGo).

    "One thing I noticed right away is that Duck Duck Go seems to love exact match domain names in its results,
    much more so than Google and even Bing".

    More details:

    Anyways, back on topic, is this the beginning of the end for Google plus?

    or is this the start of the reformation which will bring success to Google+