Google Retainer Videos - Not All Keywords Created Equal?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by gmr324, Sep 14, 2011.

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    I have studied quite a few of the video SEO WSOs which have a lot of common and good advice. However, many of these video SEO WSOs seem to neglect to cover the concept of Video retainers for Google.

    So, many people including myself could be easily misled by these WSOs into believing that you can just target any high-volume, high-CPC, low competition keyword and slap up and promote a well-optimized video and just start counting your money.

    Well, if there's any truth to this concept of video retainers, then many people could be struggling to rank videos which will never see page one. The idea of a video retainer is that you can predict IF a keyword has the potential to reach page one at all. Apparently, not all keywords are created equal with respect to video rankings and page one potential.

    I understand that the keywords which have verb qualifiers like "How To" typically generate video retainers. So, the catch-22 here is that those longer tail keywords also have less search volume and may not be worth the SEO effort.

    So, can any of you video SEO gurus out there please shed some light on this subject?